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Bounty Hunter Qualdin Item causing Crash to Desktop via Jinada.

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  • Bounty Hunter Qualdin Item causing Crash to Desktop via Jinada.

    I recently bought the Qualdin item (weapons) set to go with my Pangolin set, and every time I get in game just fine. However, once I skill Jinada, it becomes very unstable if the Qualdin Assassin's Dagger is equipped.

    It causes a crash on the jinada refresh, I'd say maybe 1/20 times once it's skilled. The game stops responding and you get kicked to desktop. The problem making it VERY unstable is that once it happens, it reoccurs constantly. So if I reconnect, as soon as Jinada is used and refreshes, it'll crash again. I've tried verifying files, reinstalling DoTA (including purging all game files) and also tested on a secondary machine. Nothing worked.

    I've outlined the bug further with screenshots in the album here-

    Also, the orange glow effect given by Jinada looks broken. It appears to be placed as if it were a stock bounty hunter blade, which isn't the case for his other custom weapons. Sometimes it bugs out entirely too, putting a bunch of orange glowy dots skewed way up into the air.

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    And not only you getting this shit with kicking to desktop or instaclose game. All 10 players can get it, who play in same game with gondar with black new blades. Check out this game - All 10 players were getting error when game just close and kick you do desktop.
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      We are sorry this is happening, the 2 weapons were using outdated models and have been updated with the latest patch, could appreciate if you could check if the dagger still makes you crash.


      Update: The weapons now have fixed model and particles, but the illumination on them is still broken, so expect (hopefully) another update on them.

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        Just tested, still causing crashes... though the effect is fixed now. It's also still just the Assassins dagger, the other items in the set are fine.

        This is what happens now:
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          3 items causing crashes as far as I know
          this dagger
          second blake blade
          and mancatcher of the crimson cut-throat

          but dagger causing very-very often crashes, just every minute somebody crashing in game


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            Playing game right now with mancatcher of the crimson cut-throat, all getting disconnects as usually.


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              @EvilArthas: I have deleted your last two posts since they are needlessly aggressive. Valve rarely releases patches on days other than Thursday, so I suggest you wait till Thursday before you start flaming Valve for 'not caring'. If you want to stop crashing, I suggest you unequip the blades till Thursday, when they have had the chance to fix the issue.
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                Originally posted by Hefaistus View Post
                If you want to stop crashing, I suggest you unequip the blades till Thursday, when they have had the chance to fix the issue.
                This. Also, having tested in a custom game again, it seems the crashing has stopped (or at least become less common now,) though the item effect is still using stock jinada glow. According to cyborgmatt though this looks like it's been fixed in the upcoming patch, so hopefully the issue can be put to rest as soon as it's put on main client


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                  This crash bug is back. Equipping the Qualdin main hand weapon causes dota to crash.

                  edit: seems to only crash when you equip it by right clicking the weapon (loads the bounty equip screen then crashes before any model shows). However, if you go to the equip screen for bounty and then equip it then it doesn't crash. Not sure about in a match yet.
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