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Store feedback from a new player

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  • Store feedback from a new player

    Hello everybody,

    I dont know if it is a suitable topic to open here but I wanted to share my opinings with devs after my dissapointment with the store. I'm a new player, I just started playing again 3 days ago. I noticed the Diretide event, the tournament tickets, ingame items etc. and was quite happy for the additions. So I played some games, got some chests and stuff, noticed there are sites for item trading and there is a market for it. I decided to play on the market, as I do love to in every single game I play which has a trade market in it, and bought 10x keys. The thing is that I noticed they are not tradable untill some time passes. Well the diretide ends in 24 hours (it was at the time) so I cant wait to trade them, there is also no explanation on what the keys are gonna be after the event so I used the keys to open chests np. Then I tried to trade the items from the chests, however I cant trade them too. Need to wait again... Basicly after my first purchase of 50$ on my 3rd day of the game, I decided never to buy a key again. I won even go into the details of how dissapointed it was to open those chests with trash loot all over. It looks like the keys are only an ingame currency atm.

    I dont know why you are using that kinda system but you are basicly limiting trade capabilities ingame. If you dont want a trade market ingame then please nevemind the things I say, they were all stuff considered you are promoting trading and buying from shop.

    Another thing is that I bought 20$ worth of tournament tickets, I love spectating esport games. The thing is, I find the information given about the tournaments lacking. You might assume that people know which tournament it is and buy it but considering the fact you dont remove them after the event is over, you promote people like me to buy old tournament tickets (which I love btw) but I dont want to search all over the web for which teams are in, whats the tournament structure and so on.