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Chests not worth it

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  • Chests not worth it

    This is not a bug, just my humble opinion. I like opening chests. I've spent some 30€ on them maybe, so when I got the new chests (can't remember their name) I was thrilled. I opened the three I had gotten and got two flesh rippers and one claive of the unyielding stone. I thought "Ok, that's not horrible, I can live with getting two of the same items in three chests." Then I recieved some chests from a friend and opened them too. Got another flesh ripper, a bow for Clinkz, and another claive of the unyielding stone. I'm totally aware that it's random and everything, but maybe people who actually pay for stuff, shouldn't have to throw away their money. Couldn't it maybe check what items you already have and decrease the probability of that item? Kinda sad to get all same items when you actually pay for it.

    Oh, and I'm sorry if there's already a topic open on the subject and please don't give me answers like "Nobody's forcing you to pay for them". I want to pay, but that doesn't mean I only want the same item.

  • #2
    if you like gambling that's what happens, the chances to earn something worthy from the chests is almost nil, likewise to obtain every different item contained inside. The time when I opened the most chests was during summer, got 7 timebreakers (6 of which I deleted ), tons of demon claives, tons of deathwielders, 2 hooks, 1 tiny skin and 1 sunfire war dog, and that was after blowing about 50€ in gambling.

    as an wise sage from old times said, you will always get disappointed to what you get from chests.


    • #3
      Yeah, I know and it's stupid, but it's so fun with the suspense and everything I don't believe I'm going to get different items every time and anything above uncommon is a treat, but still... It's the paying people who make the game worth while for Valve I presume, so maaaaaybe they should feel a little more happy, a little less disappointed. In the end I don't really care, it was just a thought in a brief glimpse of dissatisfaction ^^


      • #4
        If people could influence chest drops it would turn ugly in 0.001 second.
        1. Stack all undesirable items obtainable from certain series.
        2. Open chests for everyone.
        3. Only get best possible drop each time.


        • #5
          That's totally true. I still feel that it really dismays you (or at least me), when I open, let's say, nine chests, and I get three different items and three of each.


          • #6
            two treads is right, its not a matter of just making the single player (you) happy but really keeping the odds equal for the whole community.


            • #7
              Opening crates is pretty much gambling, I remember back in TF2 some guy was concerned about this and contacted Valve who told him that it was technically gambling but it was legal (even without a license) because their lawyers had found a loophole in the related laws.


              • #8
                I opened 3 chests in a row... same freaking item... i would say Valve should do something about it... either lower the price of the keys (2$ for a lousy key) or ... just drop the prices...


                • #9
                  ^they never bother to drop the price of tf2 keys (iirc though), so dont expect anything like that to happen anytime soon

                  beside, you can always trade those unwanted items =/

                  or better yet, wait for the crafting to be introduced
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                  • #10
                    crafting? dafuk is that? let me guess.... this will also require for some extremely rare drop (like 1 in 1 million chances), but if you're tired of waiting ... you can buy it... 1.99$...

                    That's total BS... They made a free game and now they want to squeeze every cent out of the players.... what a bunch of greedy bastards...


                    • #11
                      Crates also seem to be a poor value for contributors who get one paycheck and then have to wait months, if ever, to get the item in the store.

                      Overall these event crates seem to be quickly losing their novelty. I'm not sure how many more they can do before they flat out bomb.