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  • #76
    I quote this from a stranger

    "if im not mistaken, you must constantly buy from the store to be " trusted ".
    once you are trusted, your items are tradable instantly..

    if you not buy anything since your first bought for 1 months ( if im not mistaken again), your steam guard will be active again , and thus repeat the same process above.."


    • #77
      Made myself a little birthday present on the 17th this month. I bought a couple of keys (12 in total, 8 normal, 4 diretide) and a couple of other small things, to trade the normal ones for different things I wanted and to open a couple of the new chests (you know, the joy of opening a suprise box).
      Too bad I cannot trade until the 26th of november and the items unboxed aren't either.
      I guess this is Valve's way of making people not buy keys for trading purposes and to encourage you to buy the actual items from them (since the market prices are way lower).
      New bought items waiting time is of 7 days (great, I have to wait for my birthday present to "arrive")
      If you just added money to your steam wallet you are unable to use the marketplace for a whole month.

      I understand that our accounts need protection so if we get hacked then we won't go crying to Valve, but at least give us the choice to turn Steamguard on or off.
      I made a promise to valve before diretide where everyone was upset for not getting their annual event that if they add diretide then I'll spend money in the steam store + it was my birthday so double win for me and valve, and I did JUST that.
      Today I'll make a promise that if they don't give us the choice to turn Steamguard on or off then I won't spend money in the store at all, I have no reason to, the whole reason for the steam store is for trading.
      As long as trading is possible then wasting money in the steamstore is not a good call unless you want to pay the developers (you know, the very reason as to why this game is free to play).


      • #78
        is this tread still alive? it really is frustrating to wait for 7 days,.

        i cant trade what i bought in the store asap,

        i lost so many trade prospects,.


        • #79
          there could be many buyers here through my account since there are very few who have CC on our place, but since that 7 day untradable period of the item is implemented, its never mine to buy