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"Preview" removed for bundles?

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  • "Preview" removed for bundles?

    This is strange. I can no longer view the 3D model of a character when shopping for a bundle.

    There used to be (as in, within the last week) either a preview button or a magnifying glass icon on the image which went to a 3D preview.

    It's no longer there for any set I've tried to check, which includes the new KotL set, all DK sets, and the spectre set. Individual items can still be previewed as normal.

    Please reinstate this feature. I shouldn't need to point out how much less likely I am to buy something if I can't see it on the character first.

  • #2
    The game's overal features are only getting worse and worse... time they focussed for a while on just making it better. Hero picker, tounamentselection etc.
    VALVE please make a punishment system that punishes the offenders... not the team. Also ever heard about communication? Try it. It might solve a lot of debates/questions here on the forum.


    • #3
      Seconded. Restore the preview function for sets please.


      • #4
        So... this is still a problem, but OD's Inauspicious Abyss does have the button. That's the only one I can find so far.

        Not sure what's going on, but I would be really, really glad and also far more likely to give you money if this was reverted.


        • #5
          seriously, why would you remove the preview on bundled sets ?!??!??!??!?


          • #6
            I really miss the bundle preview feature, has been gone for a few weeks now. It had always worked perfectly for me.


            • #7
              I'm curious, who came with this brilliant idea? lol


              • #8
                I came here looking for this post.

                Why is it gone?


                • #9
                  "u suck cock yellow u dont deserve to be alive" -ixmike88
                  Nice Matchmaking

                  "Help, Muted Problem" - By Crestoxy21


                  • #10

                    Come on, what the hell? Why would you release a whole stack of new bundles and make us take 30 seconds apiece to click through your 1990's-response-time store to view each individual freaking item?

                    In what universe does that make your customers more likely to buy things?
                    Last edited by Bel101; 05-24-2013, 09:07 PM.


                    • #11
                      derp, really hard to decide whether to buy sets or no without previews.


                      • #12
                        Bring it back. No way I'm buying stuff before I get a chance to inspect it propperly.


                        • #13
                          This is fixed as of the most recent patch. Guessing it was a bug.