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DotA 2 is still easy to hack

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  • DotA 2 is still easy to hack

    why I say so.
    This is because the weak regulatory system ...
    a few days ago I got the tire trade account. this is because someone gave me the key and he asked for a dinner paid ...

    This case harm anyone.
    My friend told me about the mode.

    before he set free dota ID.
    he increased the fund with a credit card.
    and he bought 100 keys.
    The key then is sold only $ 1.5 yet ..
    with quickly person taking key such ...

    but .. what happened one month later ..
    the credit card bill is not paid so the additional funds retract valve key is illegal

    who Yag loss?
    loss buyers and sellers get easy money $ 1500

    my friend told me. he could have got $ 10,000 just to eat and sleep in front of the computer ..

    I think that's the dota 2 team work now. easy for hack keys ..

    if this rule is not changed. then I will try this method of earning easy money. and will probably replace my main job ...

    why? Id and valve dota 2 free invite bitch give this to anyone ..

    i very hate valve
    very very hate

  • #2 ..........................about that......................what.................... how those San Jose Sharks?


    • #3
      first, your typing is very hardly to understand.
      second, do you think applying for a credit card is easy? and credit card has a limit. once you don't pay your credit, you'll be blacklisted with a bad credit, u'll got terrorized by the debt collector, or caught by police.
      third, valve couldn't just easily take away the key that have been transferred, if you do it within valve's rule (using steam marketplace). if not, it's your own fault

      and you said your friend told you that if he do it he could get easy money, then why he don't do it?
      BAD person is someone who only think that he/she is a pro and others are noob and then blame the Matchmaking challenge.
      GOOD person is someone who accept the Matchmaking challenge and succeeded getting a teamwork in his/her team


      • #4
        that ain't a effin hack, it's plain simple fraud and eventually he will get caught.Then he can sleep all day long in jail
        Last edited by Reston; 05-25-2013, 02:01 AM.


        • #5
          Originally posted by Reston View Post
          that ain't a effin hack, it's plain simple fraud and eventually he will get caught.Then he can sleep all day long in jail
          being against law and say valve is stupid. that sirs are people nowadays


          • #6
            my friend say ...
            He made ​​a fake website to include a person's credit card data.
            and from there he can easily deceive valve.
            and also id dota 2 free to play


            • #7
              oh ya.. u know what i mean.. sory i use google traslate... i know it hard to understan


              • #8
                so if I got you correctly, your "friend" made a fake website designed to steal credit information.

                That is phishing, and is illegal. You will land in jail for that.
                Better stop before it is too late.


                • #9
                  "i very hate valve
                  very very hate"

                  Lost it there
                  10/10 OP would read again
                  west qualys on fire!


                  • #10
                    no save trading now. many stolen keys every where


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by OrioNN View Post
                      "i very hate valve
                      very very hate"

                      Lost it there
                      10/10 OP would read again
                      set as homepage
                      Contact the DOTA2 team and let them know what you think of their moronic mute system:



                      • #12
                        What he said is:

                        There are 3 people involved:
                        • Player A: Innocent, wishes to buy Keys, but over e.g. PayPal
                        • Player B: Malicious, has stolen Credit Card (CC)
                        • Owner of CC

                        Player B offers keys at a ridiculous low price; he buys keys from DotA 2 Store or Steam Market overpriced; the owner of CC is being charged
                        Player A buys the keys at a ridiculous low price
                        Owner of CC realizes that someone is using his CC and he cancels any transactions made
                        Valve essentially gave Player B keys for nothing in return; They have to delete the keys (Keys loose value this way or the CC scammer could just repeat this and hoard Keys without involving Player A)
                        Player A looses his bought Keys

                        Valve gained nothing.
                        Player A paid real money for nothing.
                        Player B got real money for nothing.
                        Owner of CC gained nothing.

                        This is a very commong Scam in the trading scene yet people still fall for it.
                        You should never buy keys from an unknown trader (there are reputation threads where anyone can post and no posts are deleted), new Steam account (Steam accounts with only DotA 2 as game and less than 1 hour total playtime), seller who offers their keys really low (If it's too good to be true, it is not)
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