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General Guidelines for Workshop Tools Bugs & Suggestions

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  • General Guidelines for Workshop Tools Bugs & Suggestions

    Whether you encounter a bug or have a suggestion, it is good practice to be as to-the-point (or conversely, as thorough, if your post is concerned with a complex issue or suggestion) as you can. Here are some general guidelines for members submitting bugs/suggestions, that I think should be helpful both for the developers (for an easier time looking through issues) and for community members (to get the issue/suggestion looked at more quickly/understandably):

    Crashes/Crash To Desktop Reports (CTDs)

    If you encounter a crash while working in the workshop tools, it is a good idea to attach a proper crash dump file along with the thread detailing how/when the crash occurred (be as detailed in your steps/explanation as you can). Make sure to label your topic title appropriately with [CTD] to make it clearer and easier to determine that it is a crash-related issue. Although not required, it is also helpful to state the crash cause in the title (if you know the cause, of course), otherwise state what you did right before the crash happened. As well, it would be wise to have the vconsole (default key '~' on your keyboard) open in your workshop tools beforehand for a more detailed look at how the crash may have possibly triggered (paste a copy of the console in code tags in your thread too). Do your best to reproduce the crash and/or ask others to test your steps in order to see if it is an isolated incident or a globally reproducible crash before posting about the issue. This will allow you to obtain and thoroughly recount an accurate 'step-by-step' to help others (especially the devs) with reproducing the issue.

    In order to find the crash dump corresponding with the CTD you may have encountered, navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\dumps" (or whatever location you have Steam installed). Look for a .dmp file named "crash_dota2.exe_<numbers>_1" where "numbers" is a sequence of numbers corresponding to the date/time of the crash. If there are more than one such dota2.exe crash dumps, to make it easier to find the latest one, sort the files by "Date modified". You will want to compress this file (right click it, "Send To" > "Compressed (zipped) folder" and rename the zipped file to not have ".exe" in its name (the forum does not accept files with multiple extensions in their name), while keeping the naming convention of the zip file the same as before (for posterity, although it is no required). Attach the file to your thread before posting, with the attachments button near the smiley emote in the thread options:

    Visual Bugs

    Of course, if you encounter a visual bug, in addition to explaining how it happened it is also helpful to post a screenshot (or a gif/video) of the issue. There are several options available when choosing what software to capture the bug with;

    - ShareX: ShareX is robust in that it can capture several types of media (images, video, gifs) and is also flexible in the destinations it uploads too. It has configurable hotkeys for different capture modes such as fullscreen capture (like the default print screen desktop capture), window capture (useful for capturing error pop up windows, or a tool window), as well as several shape/screen portion capture modes. By default, images are automatically uploaded to imgur and a notification pops up when the upload is finished, with a link to the image. Very useful.

    - Puush: An alternative, similar to ShareX, but less robust in its capturing options. It also by default uploads to rather than imgur. Also more lightweight in that it doesn't take as long to upload stuff (though it sometimes has issues uploading images).

    - Gifcam: Similar to both ShareX and Puush but specifically for gifs (or screenshots in .gif format). More robust concerning gif capturing than the two options above, but does not automatically upload to a website. It has many different options for capture quality, size, etc. which can come in handy depending on the nature of the visual bug.

    - Of course last but not least, you can always just use the Print Screen button on your keyboard, coupled with paint (or to manually capture, crop, and save your image.

    Code Bugs

    Sometimes one may encounter bugs with code; either it not running as it should, not running at all, or having adverse effects in addition to its normal functionality. Although code bugs are sometimes difficult to distinguish from misuse of functionality of the APIs we are given, it is still helpful to explain the issue in thorough detail in order to determine whether it is indeed a bug or something else. Pasting a console log, snippets of lua and/or other script code, and/or redirecting to a github repository are good ways to help others help you determine the cause of your issue. There are many people in the Dota 2 modding community willing to help resolve your issues if you can adequately explain them and are willing to do some investigative work yourself. We can be found in #dota2modhelpdesk, #dota2mods or ModDota in regards to such assistance that may not be available here on these forums.


    There is of course no set rule to suggesting a change or feature, although it should generally be something feasible and worth mentioning that has yet to be implemented or requested before. Searching the forum beforehand is always a good idea (this also applies for the guidelines above) in case your idea has been suggested before, in which case you should bump the topic in question by posting in it. In any case, you may want to label your suggestion according to its purpose in the title as well (QOL [quality of life improvement], feature, etc.) although its not required (especially if the title happens to be a long one). As with the previous guidelines, it would help to explain what it is the suggestion is aimed to accomplish in some detail. Images (if it is a visual suggestion) or some discussion of the idea is also recommended in order to portray your thoughts accurately.

    Hopefully these (non-official) guidelines will help somewhat with organizing/cataloging posts in this subforum. If anyone wants to clarify anything or add to the topic, by all means please do!

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    These are great, should be stickied (alongside removing the 3 year old unrelated sticky), added a big link on the Bugs & Suggestions list.
    ModDota | My GitHub Profile | My Project's Page


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      +1. Nice post! They should also fix the forum name and move the completely unrelated topics about compendium shit though.


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        Good incentive!


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          Stickied due to requests (for now).


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            After the latest Update of 7.28 I'm having the problem:
            CAppSystemDict::Unable to load module tools/hammer.dll (Dependency of application), error 1114

            and I can't upload the Crashfile successfully for some unknow reason.