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FBX Binary test for new Workshop Hero Files

This is a sticky topic.
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  • FBX Binary test for new Workshop Hero Files

    We're aware of the issues some Blender uses are having with the FBX ASCII format of our updated hero reference files. As a test, we have created FBX binary files for Undying available to download at

    Please download and test using the files within this zip in Blender and other packages and let us know how they work by replying to this thread.

    Thanks for your help with this.

    The Dota Workshop

  • #2
    The Undying FBX works as intended with these import settings:


    Manual Orientation: Off
    Scale: 100 (Based off Source 1 model scale)
    !EXPERIMENTAL! Apply Transform: On

    #The following shouldn't matter, but I'll post them anyway.
    Import Normals: On
    Import Animation: On
    Animation Offset: 1
    Import User Properties: On
    Import Enums as Strings: On
    Image Search: On
    Decal Offset: 0
    #End "doesn't matter" category.


    Ignore Leaf Bones: Off
    Force Connect Children: Off
    Automatic Bone Rotation: On


    (Ignore the extra armatures. i didn't clean up after tests)
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    • #3
      All coloured. UVs don't seem to have any issues.


      There are a few empty objects named "ankle_L_loc", "knee_L_loc", "toeBase_L_loc" and "undying_base_lod2". They can be deleted without affecting anything.
      Mesh "undying_armor" spawns with a _lod1 version. Doesn't happen with other meshes.


      • #4
        Btw could we also get the LOD1 for Undying please. The files only have the LOD0 in there..

        PS: Could you guys please remove Undying's skirt from the base model, it's really more trouble that it is worth as it's a huge hindrance to skin anything new on top without it clipping. He's modeled and textured pretty well under the skirt too.. fb78d23866.png
        PPS: There is a really significant error in Undying's skinning! The tops of his bottom teeth are skinned to his upper ones, making his teeth essentially elongate when he opens his mouth.
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        • #5
          Hello! I have written a guide (since there wasnt any) as to how to import FBX models to Blender. I used Sniper and it works like charm. Exporting also became easier which I have written in my guide-cum-experience. Its my very first upload, so it still requires some improvement. Also I have a error with the gun's orientation. Would be happy if someone can help me. Click here to view.


          • #6
            Kempus has found an addon that supposedly helps Blender accurately handle FBX files. We haven't verified this but it's another option to explore. More information in this thread.


            • #7
              Why i cant find any animation?


              • #8
                would anyone have a tutorial on how to export items from 3ds max to the dota platform ... I can't find anything on the internet updated ... I think my mistake is in exporting from fbx. help-me
                Last edited by IvanMagalhaes; 11-02-2020, 01:36 PM.