hi, how are you? so, i want to know if that is a possibility to have the IO arcana again to purchase or to gift. i didnt play dota the year it came out and is my favorite sup hero. also, if you look on internet youll see that we can buy accounts with the arcana, not only wisp but every arcana that is not marketable or giftable. i already asked if this is legal and i know its not. my point is, putting it to not gift or market doesnt make the effect you want, and you can see many players that would pay to have it, on reddit and forums till nowadays are many posts about it. why not put a limited gifting at least? like one or two. i have friends that dont play as IO and would like to gift it to me but he cant. the fact that io is spherical(its not difficult to think about another cosmetic) and pass the years and we dont have no cosmetic for it and the only cosmetic that exists i cant have freaks me out.
thank you.