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Need help with Unorthodox Workshop Submission

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  • Need help with Unorthodox Workshop Submission


    I commissioned a few creatives regarding a concept redesign of Sven.

    However the redesign doesn't fit the guidelines for a normal submission as it has some new animations, VFX, and an entirely new skin.

    I'm aware it's generally not allowed, but I would like to submit it anyway for consideration in the workshop.





    Is there another channel for submission that will accept this entire project?
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    hey Amouriel

    You can always submit the zip file instead of the compiled ones. there are multiple problems with this process but if the project is desired enough we can go the extra mile and make it work on our end.

    about your project, we have very restrictive rules about extra animations, vfx and hero remodel for a reason. We need the players to instantaneously read which hero it is in-game. And keeping a consistent base model, animations and vfx helps a lot on that

    I watched your video and if you did not say it was sven, I would hardly guess it, especially by the lack his mask, one of the most recognizable shapes of the hero.


    • #3
      Hi Tvidotto,

      I understand the risks and I accept them. I would like to submit the project anyway.

      Is it possible to send the zip file through DOTA Tools, or is there another channel I should use?

      I tried it using DOTA Tools, but it won't allow me to submit a zip file.

      Last edited by Amouriel; 06-08-2018, 10:36 AM.


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        Tvidotto seems to be on vacation. XD

        Is there anyone else who can help me with my submission? I just need to know how to submit the files in zip format. Thank you in advance.



        • #5
          There is currently no submission process that allows you to submit a zip-ed file for anything that is not intended for submission or for anything not normally accepted in game (terrains, weather, base models, etc.).


          • #6
            Wow this set is amazing. Big heavily armored guy with a massive sword. Looks like sven to me. Be great to get those effects on the weapon like in your still pic of it.

            There are kinetic Gems that change attacks, Juggernaught(Fireborn Assault), doom(Flames of the Pyre,Pits of Omoz), wk (Wraith Spin), Luna (Liveliness of Lucentyr), Lycan (Red Moon), Np (When Nature Attacks), Pudge (Trapper's Treachery), Sniper (Muh Keen Gun), Sven (Free to Fear). So that is on par with already accepted in game material.

            Necro just got a rat face for a head. Not a mask. Valve seem to appreciate outside the box thinking. Hopefully this can be accepted aswell. Ti9 Cache set item? Yes please! Hopefully you can get something in the workshop so I can follow you.

            Keep making sets please. You have real tallent.


            • #7
              I was thinking of motivating Sven to no longer hide his identity, that's why I removed the helmet. And since Rylai mentioned his being blue under the armor, that I should give him blue skin as well.

              He has a death animation and a taunt animation, though nothing ridiculously complicated.

              Though his appearance is drastically different from the original, he still retains his original animations, voice set, and spells, which players will appreciate as familiar elements.

              I hope I do get the chance to submit it.



              • #8
                Ok, I finally made some adjustments to the submission, but I don't actually know if it was received. Does anyone know if there's a way to receive confirmation that the submission was received, or do I just wait?



                • #9
                  I still can't figure out how to submit it. Here are the files in case anyone is interested in checking them out.


                  Last edited by Amouriel; 01-18-2020, 04:00 PM.


                  • #10
                    Hi, i am not pro at this things... Your character very beautifull, animations, WALLPAPPER and all items, but this is not sven for me, for player who play this game alot, this looks like new hero in dota 2.
                    -Maybe try put armour, weapon + creat helm, and put it into default hero mode and try to submit.
                    Last edited by BEST_; 01-17-2019, 07:09 AM.


                    • #11
                      I revisited this thread and realized that the original link to the file has been removed and may have fallen through the cracks.

                      Here it is again:



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                        I read this information about Unorthodox Workshop Submission. I understand carefully. This source of information is very helpful for me. Thanks. Have a great day