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Item submission crashes dota

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  • Item submission crashes dota

    I'm am trying to import a courier character using the in game tools. Clicking the import button shows the compile console appear, but a second or two later the game crashes. There are no visible errors or anything. Only a single line of text is shown saying "starting import of rat" and the game closes down.

    What can cause this? I have checked the attachment bone names and the textures were all resized to 512 manually.

    I managed to compile the model and all animations manually using studiomdl and its visible in the alien swarm model viewer with the default checker board pattern (havent got to making vtf and vmt files yet) so could it be a bug with the dota import tool?

    Any insight would be appreciated!
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    Remove all the bones that you're not using. If you imported reference mesh in the scene, there are most likely some leftover bones that can mess up your import.


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      Didn't find any left over reference mesh or bones. I noticed I had some bones that were not parented to the root bone which I thought might be the problem, but I fixed that in both ground and flying models as well as all the animation files and that didnt help.

      Could it be to do with settings in the smd exporter (I'm using Blender)? It was set to source 2009, I changed it to Alien Swarm and re exported all the smds but that made no difference.. Any other setting I'm missing?


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        Just in update. I compiled the models and animations, made the material and texture files and everything displays fine in the Alien Swarm model viewer. I can test the animations. However the importer still doesnt work for me. I tried importing it as a lycan wolf instead of courier but the same thing happens.

        Is the skeleton causing this to happen? Can constraints such as IK chains cause problems? I read somewhere that only the bones that have "deform" switched on will be exported so I made sure that the control bones have that unchecked.

        Any ideas? I dont know if its a bug or if its something wrong with my model. It would be nice if the importer produced a log where we could get more information about why it crashed.

        edit: Something else I tried was importing a simple cube as a weapon. this compiled correctly and worked ingame. I tried importing the courier model as a weapon and surprisingly, the importer worked, it compiled the textures, the model and as expected the process failed when it realised triangle count was much higher than the budget for a weapon. Still, that's a bit of progress.

        I then tried importing this cube mesh with a basic skeletal animation with the courier importer and the problem occurs again. Tried the ward importer because it seemed like there was less chance of things going wrong, and the same problem happens.the game just closes down without a word.

        Does this mean the courier importer is simply disabled or am I still missing something?? I seem to be the only one having this issue. Searching on Google doesn't return any results.
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          Problem solved. Just updating this thread because someone might find this information useful. I tried to export the simple cube and animation as .dmx rather than .smd and blender tells me something isnt right!

          "28 verts have over 3 weight links. studiomdl does not support this"

          Well now it make sense why it isnt working. I feel this should be mentioned in more guides and especially the wiki since its a requirement for the engine.

          I've had this problem before for another engine, but the exporter solved it automatically so it didnt come to mind in this case.

          Anyway, i fixed the weights and exported in smd again and its fixed. I hope someone from Valve and the people who make the smd exporter (not sure if thats Valve or someone else) sees this and puts it in the wiki or add a warning message to the exporter. I'm sure it would save some people a lot of frustration.

          Working courier


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            I did correct the 'over 3 weight links' and it still keeps crashing when loading the ingame preview for my Sven set.

            All my drivers are up to date, my SMD tools is up to date, I verified game cache integrity, tried starting with those -safe, -autocfg, tried exporting as DMX (it crashed even before importing), everything.

            I simply have no idea of what to do. I spent more liver trying to figure out a way to see my item ingame then doing the whole set plus the promotional art, this is getting really frustrating.
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              What modelling software are you using? Also try exporting the smds as Counter Strike:GO models. Its working for me.

              Also, have you tried importing a simple cube instead of your mesh? For me, importing a cube with a couple of bones worked instantly, which lead me to the conclusion something was up with my courier model (I eventually figured out it was the weight painting issue).

              Have you tried compiling the model with StudioMDL? If that works, and if you sorted out the 3 bones per vertex weight thing, then the importer should work.

              Hope this helps.


              • #8
                I use Blender, without any issue to this date.

                I actually can import, and it loads fine in the preview screen, it only crashes when trying to see it in game, often right away or sometimes after the hero selection screen.

                I tested it with a past set I done for Phantom Assassin, and it crashes also. In the time I uploaded it to the workshop the ingame preview worked without issues, so something changed in the client in the meantime.

                I thought it could have something to do with my system being 32 bits, or having something wrong in my firewall settings, but I tested it in a friend's computer and the same problem happened: imports fine, no issues in the preview screen, select to see it ingame, local server crashes the game.

                Anyway, I found that a .mdmp file is created for each unsuccessful try in the root folder, with the pattern 'dota_[date and hour]_access violation', maybe I'll send it for Valve at once.

                I'll try the StudioMDL now, we'll see.

                Thanks for the reply