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[Confirmed] Techies Mines landing at map center

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  • [Confirmed] Techies Mines landing at map center


    Techies try to plant Remote mine near tier3 sentinel tower, gets interrupted by frostbite. Mine gets planted anyway but somehow near tier1 scourge tower O_O

  • #2
    Happened to me today. I couldn't reproduce in a lobby, but I was interrupted while placing a Remote with Chronosphere. After it ended, I pressed Suicide to get a kill on an enemy Clockwerk, but somehow it finished the Remote casting animation first. I died, Remote showed up at 0,0,0.


    • #3
      Techies remote mines throw across the map

      So I was playing techies just an hour ago and I realized in the end that I had a random remote mine in the mid lane right by the river that I didn't remember putting there. So I went back and watched the replay and at 39:09 I try to throw a remote mine in a fight but the animation never goes of but the skill goes on cooldown and the random mine appears in mid-lane. So it seems that I somehow threw the remote mine from dire bottom tier 3 tower to the mid lane.

      MatchID: 1722939343


      • #4
        This happens when the game gets confused and lose track of where to place the mine. It then defaults to placing it at 0/0 which is in the middle of the map on dire's river bank. I remember in the past it was possible to trigger this bug as phantom lancer with custom client files, are you using any mods or such?


        • #5
          Nothing more than a simple sound mod for CM. (frozen ultimate)


          • #6
            Bane + Techies Remote Mine Bug/Exploit

            Match ID : 2127770538

            Server : EU West

            ~7:10 game time

            When techies is about to put the mine on fountain, before the remote mine 'lands' on the ground, bane uses nightmare on techies. This causes the mine to appear at the middle of the map.


            • #7
              Cast animation ffs, I wonder what'd happen if all abilities had 0 cast delay.