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Friendly Suggestions/advice/tips/concerns - Comments/feedback greatly appreciated.

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  • Friendly Suggestions/advice/tips/concerns - Comments/feedback greatly appreciated.

    Hi Valve, I've only started playing your game since November 2014. I have taken Dota 2 very seriously, probably to the point of crazy =) I just want to say I absolutely love your game and all that you put into it. This is a long post, but I think it is worth your time. I put a little work/thought into it, it would be nice to hear your response too.

    I have a few concerns and suggestions, some related to dota 2 old client and w/Reborn. I realize most or all of my thoughts have probably already been/being addressed and I'm just uninformed? But I'm pretty frustrated and disappointed (mostly just point #1 below as far as frustrated).

    1). Battle points -> Trophy points. I was level 11 on this account, looking so forward to being TBD and then ranked, so that I can finally play with my brothers/friends who are 3400-4800 MMR (I know I would be able to because in dotabuff I'm being placed in high/very high skill level occassionally. Now i'm level 6 or something in trophies, and based off a few games seems it could take even longer to finish getting level 50 to play ranked games than it did to get level 1 -13 on the old client, or likely way longer. I can appreciate this, since there are people who make way too many new accounts, although I think there is actually a time for that with certain uncommon situations. Anyway, I heard rumor that you haven't switched over the experience progress from dota 1 client to the new one? I hope that this is true and I hope that you can confirm this? Because if it did, I would hope I am at least level 35-45 or something... in experience trophy. Or maybe the fact is that I don't need level 50 trophies as it states, due to not actually creating my account new in Reborn.

    If you haven't done this, I (and MANY of the community) would appreciate it if you do. Because this seems broken and unfair. I would offer also that when you transfer that experience over properly, to also ensure that the experience gathered in Reborn since it went official, is also distributed correctly.

    2). Can you now allow people to 'play' or queue the custom games if they have not downloaded it yet? I figured that would be an easy fix that would've been addressed a while ago.

    3). In the most common, bug-free custom games it should allow for abandons if people leave - it ruins everyones time and effort when folks decide to leave for whatever reason. It takes a very long time to get into a 10v10 for example, without disconnects or whatnot. I had like 10 fails in a row the other day. I'd hate to queue for that at 3am.

    4). When you view friends playing... why not make it so you can see a progress map and time elapsed sort of thing near their name/icon... like you could in the old client when viewing 'live matches'. That would be very convenient and nice.

    5). In profile, under playstyle, why not put some more options to click: ex. last 50 games, last 100 games, 'all-time' instead of just 'last 20.' I think the profile should show your mmr as well (instead of not having to click on 'play game' to see it.). In general, I would love to see more on the profile page.

    6). under trophies, it shows the trophy exp progress bar #, but under the individual trophies why not show the actual point # on the progress bar?

    7). Also, anywhere at all in the new reborn interface, if we use our mouse button for example to talk in mumble... the same key that makes a internet browser go backwards.. u go back a page in reborn. This is highly frustrating. I dont know if you could somehow disable windows from using it in your client? I can't think of anyway I would change my set up to get around this.

    8). It would be nice to know why Valve didn't wait a little longer before permanently switching over to Reborn? There are a lot of issues in reborn interface still, and things that don't work yet.

    9). I think all players would love this one. Why not allow there to be 3 different key binding profiles? (or however many). This would allow you to click a button to change only the first 2 tabs in options in order to for example have a setup just to play micro heavy heroes. There's no way I can play micro heroes with my normal setup.

    10). Create 2 chatwheels? Making more than 8 options on the chatwheel would be too difficult. So why not make 2 chatwheels (this would narrow the disparity of being able to communicate with those who speak other languages even more). The things you've done like drawinng/pinging on map and chatwheel are genius, but can't we further increase communication with other languages.

    10.5). Why are you giving like a whole additional minute for connect screen? Way too long. I know this might be discrinimatory - or maybe not , but why don't you add a feature where people who 'constantly' disconnect b4 even entering the game get put into a queue with low-latency/frequent disconnectors... a whole separate system then low-matchmaking for abuse.

    11). I have a little bit of arthritis in my hands. My set up(bindings) are pretty sweet actually... but hitting control to give a bottle charge to my allies is extremely uncomfortable for me. Why can't you make it so that 'control' can be bound to a different key? There should be no reason not to? If there is can you clear that up with the entire community. I think you should also be able to rebind 'shift.' Why not? It would make players love you that much more. In fact, most of these points would.

    12). LAST HIT PRACTICE. OH MY GOD! Have you done away with this? SOOOOOOOOO much fun. I was so extremely dissapointed to see this taken away. I would play 1-2 before work... Play a few while I'm waiting for laundry (hey, you could even have a highlight message over a button to play saying 'No time for a full match? Enjoy last hit practice to improve your game!' ). In the old client, you removed the 'courier being free'. I think that should be an option. I found myself randoming every last hit practice - just tto get the courier... sometimes I'd have to restart if i got a weird hero that doesnt really last hit in lane.

    In fact, it would be nice to have that under 'tutorial mode'... and just like when you create a lobby, allow many options. For example:

    -difficulty of the opponent - easy-med-hard-unfair.
    -buy your own courier, or not?
    -which lane would you like?
    -would you like tip pop-ups to explain how to correctly control your lane in the first 10 minutes of the game. along with tooltips the previous 'miss too late too early' included.
    -if you select side lane, then allow additional option to select duo lane ally and/or enemy, and for fun even what heroes you want in those positions.
    -I'm sure you can come up with way more additional selections to customize even more.

    This further expands bot mode practice ability (why not allow someone to tell the game you would like to practice solo offlane? (forcing a trilane or jungle), your AI is pretty amazing, and I realize those things are more complicated... but if people in other countries/low xp players saw this in tutorial, there'd be more imagination in lower level games. Plus, I'd think it would be more enjoyable to play bot games.

    HOWEVER YOU DO IT, please bring back LAST HIT MODE PRACTICE!!! I loved doing it to practice and to kill time. Or at least offer why you would remove or change things to the community please.

    13). I understand the reason for buying tickets to watch the tournament games, but why take away the ability to see what teams played who, and which won etc. ? You can't even see what you're buying really if it is a finished tournament.

    Under live games, why not make the ability to search for heroes you want to spectate, search for mmr bracket. search for even 'combinations of heroes in a match'.

    14). did you remove the feature from the original dota 2 client, where you can click on a hero in library and see all the stats, all the animation/videos from the abilities/etc? I think it would be crazy not to keep that in Reborn. It helped me tremendously when I started dota, I still would like to use it. I know it's still online, but I believe it should be in the game. And the item library? Why not. If you are already going to carry those over in the future, why not tell us? Or why switch to reborn so quickly?

    15). We have a button to mute voice/text. Why not one next to that, to mute 'ping/drawing'. This would help things a LOT! Why not?


    Valve, I could go on way longer with compliments and simply big 'WOW's' with than I did with my concerns/suggestions. Like, under the learn tab, the guided games. That is really, really cool. I think way too many new players have no idea how to play dota it is insane.... and I think this leads to a much worse community within Dota, because players have no idea how the game should be played (it is very complex to a new user). I think this 'learn' tab should be much much much more utilized, with only the 'last hit mode' being a small part of it.

    Unfortunately, it takes an insane amount of time to play dota to get good at it... 2500+ mmr (or whatever). There are so many people under 2000 mmr (i've been as low as 600 when I started), that just have no clue how to play dota and will never have a clue. They flame, they get angry.. one of the most complex games available - I can imagine improving the tutorials and tips/guidance to a very great degree would bring so many more people to this game, retain many others, and improve the dota community itself tremendously.

    BRAVO VALVE. Love your game. I've played games for about 30 years now, and no other game ever EVER came close to it. I did love ultima online and Quake 1 back in the day though! =)

    Please seriously consider the things I've mentioned. I'm just a nobody, but wow some of these things could really help. Dota community (love you guys too): Please offer any constructive or positive feedback, I'd love to hear it, and I think valve would too. Please keep to seroiusness to keep the blog less clustered.

    p.s. There were many other things on my list, these were just on the forefront of my mind right now... I could elaborate or brainstorm a lot more helpful items if you want. Please let me know. I will post replies to this post if I think of anything big.

    -just another dedicated player.

    ADDENDUM #1: Please add ability to choose which heroes are your 'favorites' without being in hero select in a game.
    ADDENDUM #2: Suggestion: Add ability to make your own drop down item among the 'favorites' selection and others... so that you could do for example 'my favorites #1', 'my favorite carries', 'my pub stompers', 'my rank-only heroes'..... etc? Would be very cool. -thank you.
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