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Game client out of date

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  • Game client out of date

    Is there any chance, i mean ANY chance that this annoying force-update will EVER stop?
    I get the point of updates. And fixes. But this game is going on a daily - even several times a day - forced update for over 2 years. Everyday there's an update that fixes some shit the other 1000 previous updates done in the last 2-3 days have done.
    Can you stop using my computer as your version control storage and do - as normal companies do - make the tests before launching update after update? Test inhouse then post to the world. Stop forcing me to start an update every 2-3 games i play because your "game client is out of date".
    I RELLY DO NOT CARE about some shit items your added, some cool effects you just posted or some dumb chat improvements you invented. I do not care. I DO care about not being annoyed on a daily basis with at least 1 50+MB of pointless download that brings me another nicely colored shit hat for kotl.

    Please, for the love of God, stop pushing 1+ daily updates just because you either can't fix something without ruining other thing or because you think i will love to have a new item.

    Please, please LET ME PLAY this game


  • #2
    Still getting daily updates. Every day an update. Every goddamn day, i get to restart dota 2 get some updates that fix your problems that previous updates made. Can this stuff be done less frequently?
    Can't you guys simply fix stuff for more than 24 hours?
    Or, at least, stop asking me if i WANT to download the update, because you won't let me play shit without upgrading. Is ridiculous to be asked "you want to download the update or play as it is" to only stop me from playing later if i chose not to update.


    • #3
      You could also just turn on Automatic Updates. Unless you play 24/7, that shouldn't bother you.


      • #4
        Unfortunately nothing has been made against this crap update system. All the time i log in, download an update, play 1-2 games, then again game client is out of date. I think those guys called devs should actually do some serious fixing before updating the version, it's totally dumb to keep updating game client every few hours.


        • #5
          every 2-3 games there goes the "game client is out of date" message.
          can your devs be a bit more careful when they post crap that fixes crap and adds more crap and then need to post another crap to fix the crap they just crapped and that adds more crap to the crappy pile of crap?
          EVERY 2-3 GODDAMN games i need to restart to update the game. you don't even have the decency to post update notes. you just post a new update and another and another.