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Dota doesn't identify my region correctly for region chat

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  • Dota doesn't identify my region correctly for region chat

    I live in San Jose, CA; but when I login to Dota 2, it always connects me to Philadelphia, PA region chat. When I search channel, it shows me that San Jose, CA is 4041 km away, which is wrong. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.

    Thank you for your hard work in making Dota 2 the best game ever!


  • #2
    I have this exact same problem. Live in San Jose, default chat channel is Philly.

    Steam download server is in San Jose, the game detects that I have lower ping to US West than US East, not sure what the problem is.


    • #3
      Same problem:
      I live in the Netherlands and regional chat places me in Los Angeles, CA (that's over ninethousand kilometers from my home...)


      • #4
        I like the regional chat. But I'd like the devs to make the region editable by the user to prevent this issue.


        • #5
          Originally posted by someting View Post
          I like the regional chat. But I'd like the devs to make the region editable by the user to prevent this issue.
          Likewise, I like the idea of regional chat but not the fact it keeps putting me in a chat 100's of miles from my local chat. Not as bad as some already listed but still annoying. I either have to leave the channel & join my local one or disable the auto-join & then manually connect to the correct one.

          Please fix =)
          Still a newbie.
          After winning my last match I decided to throw my ball into the crowd like you see the pro's doing on TV
          Apparently this behavior isn't acceptable in tenpin bowling.


          • #6
            Same here with Bremen, Germany. It auto connects me to Cottbus, Germany which is over 450 km away from here 8[


            • #7
              it changes based on your IP, if I recall correctly. Steam doesn't really know your location outside of country, so it tries to (using GeoIP) "connect" you to a certain region. Since it's still in beta I expect them to change DotA or Steam to request location.


              • #8
                Mine auto-connects to Springfield, IL but I actually live in Tacoma, WA.


                • #9
                  Mine auto-connects to "Alexandria, VA". But I live in "Charlotte, NC". I'm guessing there is a problem in the lookup list. Maybe it is off by certain number of entries.


                  • #10
                    The system this feature uses is not dissimilar to the one found here. Basically, your IP is registered to a certain city or whatever, and this is determined by your ISP. Data protection and simplicity means that this information isn't passed on to the IP authority, so they just the nearest city in which they have a large office / distribution facility as the registered city for the IP.

                    In short, this is your ISPs fault, not Volvos nor Valves.


                    • #11
                      I have this problem tooo it was right the first time the the channel showed up but now it defelts to chicago


                      • #12
                        Just let us set our home location ourselves already, ffs.
                        "There is no shortcut to work done true and well. The Creators learned this to their sorrow, the first time they made the world."
                        Githri the Prisoner


                        • #13
                          Well... I think I see which one of these they're using. Because that's ~12500km of wrong.


                          • #14
                            please fix this


                            • #15
                              Yup same problem here. Live in San Jose, CA area and keep getting dumped into Philadelphia, PA

                              Valve either fix the detection or let us choose location...