Since the Dota2 Reborn, this bug is upsetting me.When I type chinese,usually I want this,测试1.pngthis means that it works fine typing Chinese in the steam.
But when i play Dota2 it totally fucked.
Because many Chinese words share the same pinyin, so when i type pinyin,i must see the candidate words to choose.The bug is that,unlike the situation in the steam ,i can't see the candidate words in dota2. When i type, i can't see anything, but i know it work invisibly, when i choose the second candidate, it will input the second word.BUT, i can't see the candidate words, i don't know how to choose.
Like this, l type "ceshi" in pinyin ,i want this测试2.png
in dota2, it shows this:测试3.png
I click 1 to choose the first candidate,in steam :测试4.png
in dota2:测试5.png.

In a word,when I type Chinese in dota2, i can't see the candidate words.

This bug only exist in the dota2 which installed on the WINDOWS 10 OS!
This is bothering so much Chinese players.

Thank you, I would appreciate you if you confirm this bug.

A Chinese player