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Too good bots, playing their own dota without me.

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  • Too good bots, playing their own dota without me.

    match id 5917400098.
    hey Volvo, can u tell me, who is Lina? I believe she is a nuker, so that assume a herokiller. so why the fuck apparition steals her frags?
    why your bots are SOOOOO tight digitizing positioning that I can ACTUALLY SEE analog-to-digital conversion NOISE while they trembling moving and cant decide where to move?
    WHY the fuck ALL of them (enemy bots) HAVE built-in slark passive while aren't Slark? They know ALL my info on vision to them and not shaming to use it. I thought dota is fair game of two teams but enemy team DO cheating. So why i cant enable sv_cheats to 1 while coop botmatch?
    Finally, for what them are so hurry to push? does they need to bury their HIV-positive cancer diseased dead mother? because I believe I had defecated into her mouth two days ago and dead mother of that bots is rotting and smells in a sludgy pithole.

    Enable cheats in "coop" 5v5 which is actually 1v5, and 4 killstealers retards. If the enemy have -allvision enable and my vision info, I want this too.

    Upd. btw, I got abandon for leaving game like this one, where I was THE ONLY human player. Me and 9 bots. Leave = abandon. Cmon, R U serious? Right now, you're applying MAXIMUM force to make players quit DotA. This is literally inplayable, the games intended to PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY? HELLLOOOOOOOUU? The games are usually NOOOOOOOOOT intended to make players frustrate. You're doing it totally wrong.
    Last edited by hcorwin; 03-30-2021, 03:59 AM.