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CMsgBotWorldState, Protobufs, and You

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  • #16
    @ChrisC - just realized one other thing as I was writing a function to summarize a CMsgBotWorldState replay dump.

    There is no "FINAL" protobuf sent to indicate the result of the game (who the winner is, etc). I can try to infer the winner based on the last frame's data for the Ancient's health on both teams, but this might be hard in very tight base-race situations where a winner is decided within a single frame. In the replay I'm testing on the last frame I get is that the Dire Team's Ancient has 34 health while Radiant Team's Ancient is at 4250 health, so yeah, I can deduce Radiant won. However, I don't actually have a frame for when their ancient dropped to 0.

    It would be really nice to have a single frame submitted with POST_GAME game state information.


    • #17

      It seems there are situations where the protobuf dumps can run into some lag issues leaving to weird CMsgBotWorldState aggregation. I recorded both the Radiant and Dire packets for a game and found that I had two "more" frame dumps for Dire than for Radiant (which shouldn't be possible). Investigating further what the actual difference was and I found the following files:
      -rw-r--r--  35014 Nov  7 09:46 replays/2017_11_07_0843_Dire/000870.bin
      -rw-r--r--  14600 Nov  7 09:46 replays/2017_11_07_0843_Dire/000871.bin
      -rw-r--r--      0 Nov  7 09:46 replays/2017_11_07_0843_Dire/000872.bin
      -rw-r--r--  20602 Nov  7 09:46 replays/2017_11_07_0843_Dire/000873.bin
      -rw-r--r--  35012 Nov  7 09:46 replays/2017_11_07_0843_Dire/000874.bin
      As you can see 871.bin looks small, 872 is 0 and 873 also looks small. My personal belief is that 871, 872 and 873 should be concatenated together into one protobuf dump, but doing so still did not result in a "valid" protobuf (perhaps it's an endian issue when concatenating). Not sure why the server reported it the way it did.
      Last edited by nostrademous; 11-10-2017, 06:52 AM.


      • #18
        Another 7.07 note:

        		// FOR COURIERS
        		optional bool		flying_courier = 140;
        Is no longer needed since we can use dota time to infer this.


        • #19
          @ChrisC - another thing now that I'm starting to process the protobuf contents in more detail.

          I notice at times a "unit" in the CMsgBotWorldState.units repeated message that does not have a "unit_type" or "name" set (well "name" is essentially set to empty string, but unit_type is all together missing). What are these? I see a number of them when processing a full replay and they are not always exactly the same (for example - the values of "vision_range_*time" vary between them).

          Example of such "unit" (note: I was Radiant (team_id: 2), so I would have full visibility to all my units).
          Game State: 5 -- Step 1196
          handle: 1754
          name: ""
          team_id: 2
          level: 1
          location {
            x: -6039.880859375
            y: 3262.531982421875
            z: 482.2955322265625
          is_alive: true
          player_id: -1
          bounding_radius: 24
          facing: 0
          ground_height: 384
          vision_range_daytime: 300
          vision_range_nighttime: 300
          health: 150
          health_max: 150
          health_regen: 0.0
          mana: 0
          mana_max: 0
          mana_regen: 0.0
          base_movement_speed: 300
          current_movement_speed: 300
          anim_activity: -1
          anim_cycle: 0.0
          base_damage: 1
          base_damage_variance: 0
          bonus_damage: 0
          attack_damage: 1
          attack_range: 600
          attack_speed: 1.0
          attack_anim_point: 0.75
          attack_acquisition_range: 800
          attack_projectile_speed: 900
          bounty_xp: 0
          bounty_gold_min: 0
          bounty_gold_max: 0
          is_channeling: false
          is_attack_immune: false
          is_blind: false
          is_block_disabled: false
          is_disarmed: false
          is_evade_disabled: false
          is_hexed: false
          is_invisible: false
          is_invulnerable: true
          is_magic_immune: false
          is_muted: false
          is_nightmared: false
          is_rooted: false
          is_silenced: false
          is_specially_deniable: false
          is_stunned: false
          is_unable_to_miss: false
          has_scepter: false
          armor: 0.0
          magic_resist: 0.0


          • #20
            @ChrisC - another bug with protobufs, it seems that many hero units (possibly all) have their abilities (many Ultimates for sure) return ability_id of 6251 (which is "generic_hidden") in the repeated Abilities value of heroes, rather than the actual ability_id of the ability they possess.

            For example, Zeus returns:
            [5110, 5111, 5112, 6325, 6251]
            Which is correct, except for the 5th one which should be his Ultimate


            • #21
              I believe the last one would be Nimbus, not Wrath. Which is why it's "hidden".
              Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
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              • #22
                Incorrect, they are presented in slot order apparently. Good thought though. Check the npc_abilities.txt provided by Valve to map ability ID numbers to ability names.


                • #23
                  Incorrect indeed. 6325 is Nimbus. But you can see my logic
                  However now that I think back, the last few patches added Ability Draft fixes (including extra slots for exotic spells). Each hero got 2 extra slots for 4-ability heroes. This may be an impact from that patch and the first hidden is Nimbus and the second hidden is... well hidden since zeus doesn't have a 6th ability. And then we have the ultimate that is missing.

                  TLDR: the extra hidden ability slots from the AD fix seem to impact the protobuff.
                  Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
                  Why maphacks won't work in D2: here


                  • #24
                    @ChrisC - another issue with the protobuf, how do I know what "talents" the player has leveled? I assumed that once they are leveled they would appear in the "abilities" list for the unit (if hero type) but that does not seem to be the case.


                    • #25
                      @ChrisC - and yet another thing... items seem not to be provided at all. I see abilities and modifiers.

                      		repeated Ability	abilities = 90;
                      		repeated Ability	items = 91;
                      		repeated Modifier	modifiers = 92;


                      • #26
                        Hi, complete newbie to dota scripting here. @nostrademous Did you manage to solve the freeze problem after the first proto message is received from the server? Also when I run a custom game through Dota 2 Workshop Tools, I can connect to the server but it doesn't even send the first packet. Any tips on how to solve these issues? Thanks


                        • #27
                          I did solve the freeze problem long ago (forget how now b/c it was so long ago, but problem was on my side).

                          Regarding Workshop Tools, the API is slightly different so chances are you are using the in-game Bot API to connect (which seems to still be a valid function call, but one that does nothing) and instead should be using the Workshop API.


                          • #28
                            Thanks for the quick response! Well I'm having the freeze problem too, so maybe it's not just on your side... for custom game I'm using
                            dota_launch_custom_game my_custom_game dota
                            in VConsole to launch the game. I can see with netstat that the TCP server is running on 12121, and the python script connects to it, but doesn't receive any bytes.


                            • #29
                              I don't think the protobufs are implemented/work for custom games.


                              • #30
                                Ok, thanks! I was able to solve the freeze thing by just polling for 1 byte at a time, not sure if it's the ideal solution though