I haven't been able to find a function that allows the bot to transfer/give an item to a specific hero/unit, specifically the Lone Druid's bear in my case, or even better, be able to tell the courier to transfer items to the bear directly. When I try to transfer items to the bear doing something like this: bearMinion:ActionImmediate_Courier(COURIER_ACTION_ TAKE_AND_TRANSFER_ITEMS), the courier still transfers items to Lone Druid instead, I understand though, since the couriers "Transfer Items" ability is direct to the Hero and not a specific target. What I'm able to do now is transfer the items to Lone Druid, have Lone Druid drop the item and then have the bear pick up the item. Is there a way the courier can send items directly to the bear, or if anything, have the bot directly give items to the bear without having to drop it first?

I understand that this might not be possible because items need to be dragged and dropped onto the unit to give it to them, but I thought I'd ask just in case. Thanks!