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  • hereandgone

    played for a few weeks just rage uninstalled last match cause of an overly controlling cursing teamate during a bot match critisizing my every move and purchase making the last spawner buy a courrier cause no one else did. im also upset at *EVERYONE* reporting for no or silly reasons. i havent been banned or muted but it hurts my feelings looking at the reporting menu it says intentionally feeding but no one cares everyone is peeing in the pool. theres no human moderation and the matchmaking is out of my control the hud editing requires photoslut CS not that it or the announcers matter cause you cant use your own creations theyre milking kids of their steam wallet for custom couriers announcers and huds, small things that would be fun to modify and share obviously done to bring in money. have fun without me just wanted to voice my thoughts on dota2 since i invested a little over 100hrs thanks but no thanks

    ps just me or is there only a few heros with bot AI? cause the bots seem to pick the same heroes all the $#%5 time, nooch

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    Seeya, no one cares


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      Sucks you got so many matches with angry people. Happy trails.

      Also, it's a free-to-play game. That's why you don't get to mod things easily or use your own creations. Items are how they make money on the game to support continued development and all the features -- none of which you paid a dime for. Remember: game companies don't develop games out of the kindness of their heart to give you something to do with your free time. They're there to turn a profit. Whether that's up front @ $60+, DLC and Season Passes, paying for individual heroes (League of Legends), or free-to-play with optional in-game purchases.

      You will have also noted that a large portion of the proceeds from sold items go to the people in the community who painstakingly created them and to support the competitive/pro scene. Pretty cool to see regular old people in the community with a bit of skill in 3D design make a lot of money making items for the game the rest of us generally enjoy.


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        small things that would be fun to modify and share obviously done to bring in money
        yeah, obviously... how else?
        also, the creator gets some money as well.
        25% a quick google tells me.

        Quite good if you ask me.
        つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Solo Queue


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          They aren't really milking people for cosmetics any less than other moba companies. Riot's pushing people to pay to unlock characters in LoL and their cosmetics are equally as costly but cannot be traded with other people. In fact you don't even get any cosmetics just by playing, you gotta pay for everything yourself.

          Oh, you can definitely buy LoL characters with in-game currency... but the runes (necessary items) cannot be purchased with money so you gotta spend that currency on them first.