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    Originally posted by Silverferret88 View Post
    I do not usually make posts on a forum, specially in regards to the fact that the devs never answer/respond in any way shape or form... but the formatting and mechanics of the 'punishment' systems are so poorly thought out I cannot refrain.

    I've been pushed into a low priority pool, with well over 2000 games player, because I was hit by a brownout in my city. It happens, I was without electricity for 2 hours. I log back in, and wham, low priority.

    In a sense, this automated system isn't working. There is no justice in any shape or form for players. Those who should be punished are not, those who are innocent by definition are punished.

    When will we see an actually moderated system? White lists and black lists with self reporting tools existed in DOTA1 @ incredibly high levels of success.
    Is Valve seriously disregarding this? Or are they so infatuated with the $$$ that they simply do not care?
    Are you kidding me? Power outage? Oh, I'm just going to hit my power switch and I can leave all games forever.
    While it's not your fault that it happened, it's UNAVOIDABLE.

    EDIT: And how should a moderator review a power outage? /facepalm
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


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      Originally posted by Silverferret88 View Post
      If this system actually took into effect what was actually happening, then I wouldn't be in low priority now would I?
      Yeah, I know right! Valve couldn't even be bothered to hire a wizard to create a system capable of magically determining whether you abandoned the game out of rage or because your city lost power! What a bunch of greedy fucks!


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        to people saying 3 million...
        get with the times...
        It's 4 million this month.
        つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Solo Queue


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          Originally posted by Silverferret88 View Post
          Yes, I've had low priority before. Maybe 4, at most 5 times in 2000 games. Not bad. My last abandoned game via my profile was well over 200+ games ago. So that harbors me on reports.
          Possible the people you abandoned reported you? Maybe it was the combination of reports and abandonment? idk.

          Originally posted by Silverferret88 View Post
          Its quite simple, add a human component to the fact, review the recorded information, process judgement on topic. Is it really that hard to implement?
          Not sure if serious?

          Question for you to consider: Right now there are 240,000 people on Dota2, most of which are playing a game or queuing for one. Also, about 4,000,000 unique players/month. How many games a day do you think that is?

          Further, how many matches do you think have someone being reported or someone abandoning for unknown reasons?

          Now, how many humans do you think they'd need to employ to review information for all of those recorded matches and "process judgement"? How many man-hours? How much time? I'm curious to see how you think.

          Also, what conclusion do you think humans would make about you going offline long enough to get an abandon that would be different from what the automated system rendered? Or do you expect that a human would...check the news in your local paper to read about when the power went out? Perhaps contact your local power company to find out the time range of the power outages? To save you from 24 hours of LPQ? Tell me when this starts becoming unrealistic in your mind.