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Matchmaking...seriously ??

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  • Matchmaking...seriously ??

    why am i for last month in team with players who are totally noobs and has barely few wins and we are against team with hundred wins.. what the fuck? for last month i almost cant remember match i would win because of those idiots and right now i played game where 1 player started feed them from start and then this player + 2 others tryed half of game get to some bugged place and didnt care about anything and it finished that i has been reported -.- seriously ? and next player from microphone sounded like 11 years kid said speak english or ill report you to one of those 3 guys -.- really those idiots report every stupidity and its just enought for me. i quit with dota.

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    Because valve has completely ruined the game. it is 100% unplayable as solo queue. You get stuck with the worst fucking players imaginable


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      - People who decline Matchmaking are temporarily restricted from searching for 45 seconds.
      - Parties are more likely to be matched against other similarly sized parties.
      - When matching parties, the matchmaker now also considers the minimum experience level on both teams rather than just the average.
      - Reduced the average skill variance in games where there are 10 individual players.
      - Fixed a bug in the matchmaker that was causing it to insufficiently segregate players based on win count.
      - Fixed a bug that would cause excessive queue times, especially for large parties or high skill players.


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        Originally posted by Noo View Post
        Hi, still matched with people which are less skilled than you.


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          Originally posted by sea View Post
          Because valve has completely ruined the game. it is 100% unplayable as solo queue. You get stuck with the worst fucking players imaginable
          The best is that when you try those players help and tell them where they do mistakes they only offend you and then report you, because they think that they are pro's, because probalby killed bot on medium and think how pro's they are...and when you disconnect or you leave you are reported and games like that are such a boring...and i dont even count that last month its all the time lagging like never before...


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            Originally posted by Noo View Post
            oh hi, thought u were dead or gave up trolling the forums. bummer