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"New" MM even worse than before.

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    I cannot play with my friend!
    My long lost dota friend heard of dota2 and finished his exams, he played dota allstars for 4-5 years skipped the last two years to study.

    Now when I play with him (I'm very high, tried two accounts (vhigh 600wins, vhigh 100wins) matchmaking fucks up big time.
    We randomly have people with 700wins to 1win in our/and enemy team.
    New people randomly run into towers making it impossible to play.

    Thanks for this..


    • #77
      Here's a theory. Since the majority of the players are noobs, they wanted more of the better players to play with the noob players to make it seem like they are actually good and winning, when in essence they are simply getting carried. MM now matches based on highest MMR matched with a party of noobs and equated to another team with mid skill level to balance things out. True story. At least, experience says so.


      • #78
        Originally posted by Xururuca View Post
        Game quality seriosly droped after new match making.

        It is always stomps vs feeders..
        Exactly, I think why people complained before and I have said this before is because the games were a little bit closer and some players on one of the team would not progress in items or would have bad habbits that caused their team to lose (in a majority of the matches I have saw people complain about before the patch).

        Now if I queue with a friend that isnt so skilled its a HUGE struggle to win games IMO (maybe its just me but from my experience). I queue w/ a friend that isnt as skilled he can do "OK" and we get not so good teammates. So pretty much I cant play w/ friends that arnt around the same lvl I am at or it is a stomp.


        • #79
          just came out of a match feeling very disgusted with the algorithm

          Match ID 250374308

          745 wins
          110 wins
          115 wins
          475 wins
          102 wins

          406 wins
          29 wins (wtf?!)
          563 wins
          240 wins
          1367 wins (me)

          This is in the very high bracket, and I have been consistently being paired with teammates of subpar skill or straight up new to the game for the last 2 weeks. I play alot and was capable of keeping a 50% average, not great but I can hold my own. The last 2 weeks had been a quick landslide of losses, I dont mind losing a good game, but most of these games are games lost within the first 5 mins when your teammates have no idea what is going on.

          29 win dude picks silencer and doesn't know laning, and does not even learn ult as a silencer till level 10++. He had no idea about the game, and was honest about it. Now the question is why are we matched in a pool of try-hards with people that are consistently out of their depth?
          29 win guy was solo queuing and got landed in this bloodfest where he would keep feeding and having no idea of what enemy skills are.

          I've lost about 50 games in the last 2 weeks, normally I would be "no problem, i'll try hard and play properly next". But these 50 games were unwinnable games where new players were still standing still reading their skills.

          I'm not sore about losing, i'm not angry, but something is obviously broken here.