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The new matchmaking system is messed up

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    Had some good matches, and some blowouts.

    I knew this was still going to be the case before these changes were implemented. I've said this before and I'll say it again: MM can match people of similar experience and similar recent successes, but after that everything becomes completely unpredictable.

    1.) Many people are very good at 10-20 heroes, very average at 30-40 heroes, and verging on poor or straight-up TRASHCAN with the rest of the pool. That's the nature of having 100+ heroes: you don't have time to master them all unless you've been playing Dota for years. MM can't predict if you'll go with one of your better heroes or if you feel like "experimenting" with one of the heroes you're not as good with. If all 10 people picked one of their 10 best heroes, you'd probably see most games be very, very competitive...but people don't do that all the time. I assume MM makes the assumption that you'll pick one of your better heroes...and when people don't, MMR loses its viability and a team is suddenly more likely to get trashed.

    2.) People random against teams that carefully pick their team comp. Randoming happens at every level of play, normal to page 1 of the live tab. Sometimes people just don't give a shit and end up with 4 carries and no courier. I queue almost all Very High and see it to this day.

    3.) People want to try new shit. Like taking Anti-Mage mid against a Batrider and going 11-minute Midas first against a pushing team with a Nature's Prophet.

    4.) People simply get outplayed. In a match where people may be of relatively even skill, sometimes a positioning mistake costs a life which shifts the lane advantage to the other team.

    5.) Some snowballers get fed faster than others and faceroll you (see: Zeus, Huskar, Nyx, etc.)

    6.) A group of 5 forgets the value of support. Shit like wards against gankers like Pudge, and upgraded couriers in general. Even in Very High, people simply get lazy and can forget.

    7.) People don't think about how they're going to lane heroes they're picking. You can't 1st pick Void in a pub and be mad at your team when the other side picks 2 range heroes to go against him and you can't compete the 2v2 lane.

    MM can only do so much. It can't predict if you're going to pick heroes that don't make sense, heroes that you want to "practice", fail to pick supports (and have nobody take responsibility), fight over last-hits with teammates, etc. # of wins are largely irrelevant; it's about how you play with who you decide to play in any given match.

    And honestly, with all the commentary, I have yet to see a solution for this reality. Perhaps because there is nothing else to say about it. As I've said before, you want me on your team if I'm playing xyz heroes. You don't want me on your team if I've decided to give Meepo a try. If you played with me and I was on Meepo, you'd probably assume I was trash and damn, why did MMR match you with me. On the flip side, if I had picked one of my usual ass-kickers and we stomp, you'd assume things went as they should have. The players didn't change, simply the hero selections and accompanying decision-making that comes with knowing said heroes inside and out vs some heroes that I might still be trying to figure out how to hotkey. One day, I will give Meepo a try. And I'll get stomped, and 4 others will be frustrated. But you have to jump in the proverbial pool some time, and MMR won't match me in a Normal match where I can safely learn how to play the hero against gradually better players.

    The only solution I can think of to this would be some sort of obtuse matchmaking system where you pick the hero you're going to play BEFORE you start searching for a match. The game then matches you with a group of 4 others who are going to play heroes in a comp that makes sense with your selected hero and everyone's MMR for that game is based on your experience with that specific hero. Even then there are glaring flaws...and imagine how long the queue times would be for something like this.
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      Originally posted by PuppetYuber View Post
      Mr.Evo you are completely satisfied with current MM system and you see no problem with it whatsoever?
      I dislike the fact that there are too few language options. Additionally I'd like to see a better communication UI.
      With this I mean being able to see the minimap during pick screen. That should result in more stable lanes and less rage.

      Unfortunally queueing solo is very hard, because the general communication lacks some tools to function. Saying this, I have to admit I rarely queued solo for the last weeks.
      To conclude, no I don't think the current system is perfect, but that's known. It is still way better than DotA 1 lobby games/Garena/RGC/DotA-League.


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        so why didnt you just say that in the first place.