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Remove 'random hero' from AP matchmaking

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    Exactly. People are going to pick what they want regardless. I could just imagine the pudge, spirit breaker, sa picks all day. Infact i can imagine it being less balanced - because everyone just picks what they want. Randoming atleast gives you a chance of getting a balance of supports, carries and such.

    Randoming has a bounty reward because it offsets the disadvantage of it not being your strongest hero / a cheap hero / a hero that co-ordinates with your team extremely well (pubstomp combo picks as said above). It makes the game interesting, spontaneous and you learn.


    • #32
      Originally posted by Shaella View Post
      I get it.

      But its an AP pub.

      Its like claiming to be a hardcore gamer and using a mac.

      by their definition, AP pubs are nonserious games. They're for -fun-

      CM is for SRS.
      cm is boring like your posts


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        I random in a lot of my games, but usually I random before anyone even picks so if their picks ruins our composition, it's their fault for picking another shitty carry.

        Randoming has always been part of the game, if you're so fussed about this wait until everyone has picked and try to pick at least a role that can balance your lineup. If all goes wrong, just try to have some fun and maybe to some new meta shit like roaming Skeleton King or support Riki or something like that, I know you want to take the game seriously but at times you just cannot avoid bad things from happening.
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          I wouldn't remove it, but disable the function after 2 heroes have been picked. The incentive of more gold them remains in the team but the remaining 3 players will have to ensure a proper team composition.


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            Originally posted by Rakzak View Post
            I wouldn't remove it, but disable the function after 2 heroes have been picked. The incentive of more gold them remains in the team but the remaining 3 players will have to ensure a proper team composition.
            meh. some people just like to random. I play with some guys that random 100% of the time and win 70% of the time. 4 carries? no problem for them:


            In that match, PA and Spectre were in the same lane! But as you can see, they stayed alive and got their farm in spite of the other team pushing hard to end in 30 minutes.

            Skill is often enough to overcome awkward team comps. Learn to make it work.


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              Op your argument is flawed. Removing random will increase the rate of bad picks.
              Originally posted by Typhox
              Nope. Windows Explorer is not a database
              Take a look into the mirror! You think you are completely unfailable. With your limited knowledge, you think that you know more than someone who is very deep in the matter/an expert.