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very long queue times?

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  • #31
    It seems the higher in ELO you are the harder it is to find a match..... Thats what people on REddit are saying..

    Fix this problem already valve.


    • #32
      going on an hour now. Thinking of switching to my smurf just to get some play time in.


      • #33
        Nice to know that I'm in high bracket :P


        • #34
          But is it only high brackets? cause there are very few players online and the activity map is not working either. Seems to me that all skill levels matchmaking are bugged.


          • #35
            I am not in the high skill bracket and I am still having trouble finding a match. Not only that but after the most recent I feel some unintended side effects occurred. I may not be in the high skill bracket but I was getting matched with people who were in their first few games ever. I'm not great but I am pretty sure that given my GPM was like 600 and everyone else's was like 200 that something is up with the matchmaking.


            • #36
              "should have it resolved in a day or two."
              im glad u are working very fast and effective. im guessing fixing broken mm will take another 2 years ?


              • #37
                Originally posted by fletcher View Post
                We have some problems with wait times in the high skill range. We're working on it and should have it resolved in a day or two.
                Can you tell us why it takes even 5 minutes let alone 20 when 300,000 to 400,000 people are playing?


                • #38
                  There is no way I could be in a "high skill range" as I am level 2. I have average wait times for games of 5-10 minutes with US east/English checked. I have All pick, all random, least played, and limited checked off for game types. Frequently the wait time is 20 minutes or more as many times it restarts the search because someone failed to click ok. So far this morning I'm at 8 minutes of the third search (two games failed to initiate due to someone not clicking ok). Long story short, it's not just high skill players waiting!


                  • #39
                    I am at about 3 hours now. Sometimes it gets to 20-30 minutes and I get a que pop and only 3-5/10 people ready up. Most of the time it gets between 5 -> 7 and then I see a message saying it's trying to contact dota 2 servers and the queue restarts. I am disappoint.


                    • #40
                      Obviously someone at Valve screwed the pooch. I've logged multiple accounts and que'd multiple times with different settings, short answer is someone broke it.
                      Multiple errors like the searching for the dota2 network. Once found I'm auto que'd.

                      Logged my main and still searching for the dota2 network. Search timer above profile does not match the search timer middle screen... someone is gonna get some "counseling" when the brass shows up for work this morning... lol. All wait timers show 20+ minutes in region selection screen. US East shows 30 minutes.


                      • #41
                        I am not in a high skill percentile, and I've tried queueing like 5 servers for a total of 30 minutes by now... Normally it takes no more than 3 minutes.

                        Definitely seems broken.


                        Yeah I can confirm that the wait timers are 20+ mins on average...

                        I guess this is as good an argument as any to play LoL. First the muting fiasco, now this.


                        • #42
                          I really hope this doesn't mean that my games will be less evenly matched (in terms of all players being similarly skilled). Honestly I wouldn't mind waiting in queue for 20 minutes if the game I got was good, but the search range expands too quickly and when I have to wait for a long time the game ends up being crap.


                          • #43
                            TICK EVERY DAMN THING

                            Originally posted by dasstefan
                            it is indeed a problem, how could 2 reports a week help to get rid of 8 russians in a game with english language and eu west selected?
                            Originally posted by Shmendrich
                            If you could grasp the most basic knowledge about how to play DotA 2, and not be a feeder noob that gets harassed every game, you wouldnt be so desperate to keep this system


                            • #44
                              This down time is fantastic, I'm catching up on my Grepolis action and contemplating which of the hundreds of games I've amassed over the past 20 years I'm going to play...
                              COD 1 I'm thinking, just for shits and giggles. maybe some Battlefield Vietnam.... Cobra raping is always fun.


                              • #45
                                Volvo fix please Rio¨ is ddosing you!
                                Originally posted by MukenTuken
                                got muted on main
                                made new account
                                played with 9 other smurfs who wanted to stomp some noobs, just like i wanted

                                So now you cant even stomp some poor newcommers when you are bored

                                ded game