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got reported because....

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  • got reported because....

    So i was playing storm earlier and i noticed i was playing with a 4man stack
    I went mid , won the lane ganked a bit here and there and then there was a big fight bot in which i didn't participate , we lost the fight and they started pinging me saying report storm
    one of them said u got reported by 4.
    They asked the enemy team to report me but they just laughed and felt for me , because i was playing with a russian stack (yes they talked a bit in russian). I got 4 reports for doing better than my teammates and i'm muted for 24 h. I'm not blaming valve and the muting system for this i'm blaming the community.
    MATCH ID:251055020

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    I die a little every time I play a game and see that in chat. Nothing a manual mute can't fix.


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      u mean cyka , xaaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa


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        Man I don't remember how many times I've said that...

        Stack reports don't count and you need to have been reported in multiple matches for the same offense to get a penalty. Basically, something happened in your last ~8 matches that got you reported for Communication Abuse.

        If you don't want to play with stacks in the future, select "solo queue" in the matchmaking options.


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          You only have to blame yourself, stack acted like they usually do and we have soloq for a reason.

          It's like picking ar and complaining about the picks


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            saa.png yea like i had that option , it would be so good to have it. By ur replies im starting to think that im the only one without it o.O. You guys were joking right ?


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              No, it was moved. It's in the language settings now.


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                oh well...... uhm fuck it


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                  thx for leting me know


                  • #10
                    you're blaming the community for abusing the stupidest most broken system imaginable? this is going to end well, you're probably from reddit