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DotA 2 completely S.U.C.K.S

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  • #31
    The reason that is happening to you becuase if you have 3 languages selected you are searching into 3 different ques of list making your ping higher it doesnt help to have multiple servers selected just have your home server selected, you will have 3 mins of wait time it works for me and i find matches 3 mins max on a bad day


    • #32
      crawl back to bnet thx


      • #33
        close this, please.

        'been funny for a few secs, now this thread should vanish into internet's black hole, right where it belongs.
        Adieu, mate.


        • #34
          i don't get you people, the first reply simply answered that yesterday it wasn't only me who had to wait for more than 30 minutes, which technically is what i wanted to know...the rest of my post was only complaining about how the new match making system sucks and that's it ... so u guys start coming at my with some ultra pissed off mood ready to suck my blood out of my eyes...why ?! look around the forum this is what everyone is complaining about ... the matchmaking system response to you trolling and (the fact that you thought u have reached the heights of wisdom by stating the obvious really pissed me off) i sort of trolled back ... i understand it's not just the mm system that sucks but the community too sucks, badly ...
          and don't comment while ur pissed so u don't say something u shouldn't that causes a flamewar


          • #35
            youre a bad poster


            • #36
              and i personally think this thread has reached the end of its life ... realistically speaking it did in its first few minutes of its life anyway


              • #37
                @wochie ... with all due respect ... you're the ugliest fat ass cowboy i've ever seen ... how do u like me now ?!


                • #38
                  I was hoping some decent discussion could come out of this ;(.

                  Please stop all the hurtful words towards each other everyone!