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Kinda new, MM is weird, anyone speak English?

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  • Kinda new, MM is weird, anyone speak English?

    I got the dota2 Beta last year played a few bot games and kinda went back to WoW for a bit. Well I few months back I started playing allot more, like allot more! I did over 40 co op games before ever entering my first PUB.

    When I Queue a game I select US East, US West - ALL PICK. I live in the United States so this works good for me.

    I've been having this issue lately where when I enter a game, hardly any of my teammates speak, English. Even though I selected, US servers and English as my language. I cannot communicate with my team and when I speak English they basically tell me to shut up. I tell them I am on a US server and this is why I am speaking English. They then tell me F**ck you!

    Last night I was 23wins 12 loses. I lost three in a row last night. Every game was Spanish speaking people or people who could not even speak at all for some reason! Probably a ban.

    No one goes support. All the Spanish speaking people seem to pick Bat rider, Riki, bounty hunter, Phantom Assassin, Alch, Drow- maybe pudge , maybe. I just don't get it. It's like a total nightmare.

    Ok my question is this. We are out of Beta. Why I am being forced to Queue with South Americans when I am only selecting US east and west servers? This is the first game I've really, really got into in a long while. I really like it allot. Is this going to be a continuing trend? If so I might just give this game up. It is a team game and communication is very important.

    PS: The people doing CO OP games seem really cool. I get bored of playing bots though. I wanna play people. Sadly the PUB games are a total mess! Allot of new people who have not even played a BOT game. Tell me it gets better if I can get more wins to get out of this pit of hell I'm being fored to play in. Let me know there is some light at the end of this tunnel and I will train my ass off to climb out of it!

    Thanks -peace

  • #2
    welcome to dota 2(


    • #3
      Thanks! does this mean what I think it means ?


      • #4
        They might be Mexicans, not South Americans...


        • #5
          Dota 2 is russian game. Learn russian or suffer.


          • #6
            There are people out there (and here as well) that selects every language available AND multiple regions just so they can "find games more easily". Of course there are Mexicans that can't do much thing at all, as there is no Spanish language option.


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              hi, if u play on us server u have to get used to brazilian/south american noobs invading that server and fucking up the game for you.
              if you live in europe its even worse with those russian hoards invading, portuguese and spanish at least use the latin alphabet.
              also russians play a lot worse and flame/troll a lot more, even though those on the us server do it too.

              i hereby request (like any dev is listening to anything the community wants...) that people can only select one language and one server to que for games. let them select multiple modes for speedy q times.
              if u ask me, south americans and russians should be locked on their own servers, those servers should serve as the trash cans, so that the rest of the world can at least enjoy SOME decent matches, instead of fucking up 90% of matches for everyone because of this shit.


              • #8
                This will go on even if you play for hundreds of hours.

                no one escapes you will be caught in the horde

                There is an old russian saying:

                Я русский, поэтому я сосу в DotA, вы можете избавиться мне, что я буду кормить в каждой игре вы пытаетесь играть
                ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give WINDRUNNER
                ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give NOVA


                • #9
                  at least they're not russian


                  • #10
                    Dota 2 could be amazing if valve would stop spamming us with hats and fix the matchmaking.


                    • #11
                      When joining the queue you should be able to not only choose the region you want to play, but also have a checkbox to choose "with only players from this region" option.


                      • #12
                        To answer you frankly, bubblehoof, as long as Valve isn't doing anything on their side (locking brazilians for US servers and Russians for EU servers) you'll always end up having people who don't speak your language in your games, sadly.
                        As for the getting out of the beginners bracket, if you're are legit decent at this game, you'll rise from the "shithole" fairly fast.


                        • #13
                          queue with friends its the only way


                          • #14
                            Yea, it's so sad. As everyone says, this language thing NEEEDS to be fixed very soon. We really do not have to play people like this. There should be HARSH punishment to people queue on English speaking servers and do not speak English. It's really unbearable anymore. At start you see people speaking in another language and you know the game will be hard. Life is really hard for solo support player. Game punishes you in every single aspect. MM sucks, language barrier sucks, we just play this game because we love it. Although everything has an end. Do not want my enthusiasm fades in future. Do not care heroes, hats, presents, make this game PLAYABLE!
                            Last edited by LV-426; 08-03-2013, 05:18 AM. Reason: sometimes i get REALLY angry after stupid matches..


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                              Racism sucks.

                              Things you talk about suck much, much less.
                              You're only as strong as your weakest link.
                              -Thomas Reid