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Chat wheel is ineffective at higher skill levels of the game

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  • Chat wheel is ineffective at higher skill levels of the game

    Valve, your attempts of breaking down the communication barrier are novel, but they're utterly and completely trash at higher skill levels. For example, in match ID 252285465 (All pick, USW, English, Solo Queue), Dire was winning throughout the match until a communication issue arose. Lifestealer did not speak a single word of English and made no attempt to communicate with the team, either with the chat wheel or with pings. This became an issue during minute 55 when we attempted to take the bottom lane's barracks. It ended up costing us the game. The chat wheel simply cannot and will not ever be able to convey an effective number of meaningful messages once you reach a certain skill point.

    There is no option to say "Siege the lane and let the megacreeps take their base" or "Don't initiate until Black Hole is up". Conversely, even if they were in the game, there are only 8 options on the wheel, and those 8 options must exist for early game, mid game, and late game. Which leads to the obvious conclusion that many players have reached: the chat wheel is the most useless thing ever put in the game. It's simply too limited for what it's intended purpose was for.

    So my proposed solution is region locking. Why can't we lock servers to a specific area? It's already done with Korea so there's no reason why we can't have that. It's incredibly clear that you prefer automated solutions and you lack the manpower to sift through reports, so reports are completely and utterly useless.

    Why can't we simply just have another queue option so that only players of a specific server region can queue with that option enabled, e.g. a USW player playing with only people that are geographically near USW. It's no different than the Korean servers, where ONLY THE KOREANS CAN PLAY ON IT. It's quite frankly bullshit that they're allowed to be xenophobic and we aren't.
    Let's make a game called Dota 2. You put 5 players on each team and then you mute 4 of them so they can't communicate. That way, we have a fucking clown festival in every single fucking game.

    Excellent system! Very smart! Well played! 5/5 would mute again.