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Why wernt the stats reset/cleared at DotA2 release?

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  • Why wernt the stats reset/cleared at DotA2 release?

    With stats i mean your match history (Not saying data should be removed permanently, they can be saved), your rating / "Elo", commendations, matches won etc. Not sure about the level tho since that is useless and shows/proves nothing, it has no positive/negative effect wether it be a high level or low.

    The game was in beta, we, the playerbase were testing the game, with all the bugs that come with it. The commendations (Which isnt important at all but is still there) could easy be 'faked' i am sure people remember the spamfest going on in the channels "Commend me 4x4 and i commend u 4x4" earning dimitri with 999 leadership points, again this means nothing but its there and it should be fair. Yes valve did 'fix' it that only players in the match can commend/report but still, the damage was done.

    I myself am in very high and on the top pages depending on amount of players online so this isnt a selfish cry for a reset. It would just make sense to do it.
    Just want to hear other peoples opinions, maybe im the only one who expected it.

    TL;DR Game was in beta, the game had issues,problems which were abused. Game release shouldve been paired with a stats/history/elo reset.

    Go with god.

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    They announced a long time ago that they weren't going to reset the stats and that was probably one of the few actual good decisions that they made. No reason to reset anything unless you suck and you want to retry from a clean slate. People cheated and got a couple more commends than you? Deal with it.
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