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the proof how valve made this mm broken when released the game

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  • the proof how valve made this mm broken when released the game

    I played dota 2 for almost a year and 1 month her is my profile

    as u can see I have a good amount of deference between wins and loses

    in the last 2 weeks (since the patch ) I have been queuing with ppl that clearly are new and when you look at there profile you find wins less than 400 and I have never queued with ppl that bad before the patch (only in LP pool)

    if you look at my last 2 games I have been with a 26 wins luna that knows nothing and and 126 wins bara that kept going to roshan and suicide for the first 20 minutes

    if that is my skill lvl I say hell no cause I have been playing this game fore over a year and dota overall for over a 4 years

    if valve think wins has nothing to do with the skill then they should better sell this game for money and don't make it f2p cause wins = skill here

    cause no on will reach 700 wins without facing his mistakes and fixing them witch means he is a better player than the 200 wins guy

    I rly stoped playing for the next update to see if they fix this shit or no


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    Thanks for posting the same thing as a million other people


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      Originally posted by bnibni View Post
      Thanks for posting the same thing as a million other people
      Thanks for your constructive post.

      On topic: Wins don't always mean skill, smurfs exist, idiots exist too. But there's obviously something wrong with this new system, matches turned to complete stomps, matches are taking less than 10 seconds to be found, Dota 2 doesn't have that many players.


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        I may have bad english but yes this is my thread's point that valve broke the mm after the official release to make the games find faster

        And if i may i would be totally fine with putting me with ppl close to my wins than counting on stupid computer program that has no brain to judge. If a12wins guy is high skilled or not