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Match Making, yes its broken but its understandable.

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  • Match Making, yes its broken but its understandable.

    As everyone who isnt in low tier will understand its impossible to get a good game anymore (your team either gets stomped or u stomp the enemy). valve has prioritised faster games over quallity games because of the lack of playerbase in beta at higher skill levels. now that the player base is huge we all see far to often people with under 100 wins getting grouped up with people with 500-900+. i feel its ruining the game experience as i refuse to play dota anymore without 5. because i dont want to be in a game and just rage for 30mins or be bored shitless cause we are stomping them. and the only way to get a good challenege and verse appropiately skilled people is if you have 5.

    i could ramble on about how annoying the matchmaking is and why, but we all know about it. i would like to suggest a prefrence like what HON did to prefer to have quallity games that are properly matched over fast queues and vise versa for those who jsut want fast games. because i would love to wait 15minutes for a good 30+ min game. rather than have insta queue after insta queue of shitty games. i want to feel like im getting better when i play by playing with people at my skill level or higher. not facepalming and having to teach absolute scrubs, thats what the mentor system whenever its in is for. well thats jsut my 2c's after this consistant shitty game experiences, i feel i had to make an account here and voice my opinion.

    i just hope the dota2 team understand this issue and have a quick fix out. and i understand they would be very busy managing server capacity with the expodential growth of players coming in. and trying to avoid a complete server crash. (so i guess we can be thankfull we can atleast play)

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    Hon had way smaller playerbase, yet matchmaking was indefinitely better.


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      Lately im averagin 2 minutes queues and 70-80% of good games. Meaning people of my skill level and games in which you feel that it can either be good or bad. So to me the MM is a big yes.


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        BAD MM, bring back old one