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Guides need to be controlled by SOMEONE.

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  • Guides need to be controlled by SOMEONE.

    Well i seldom play with new players, but when i do, they use guides.
    And my newbie friend OD build a dagon.
    So i said: "Dagon is not really good, as it does not give much escape to you, try a mek or a force staff."
    And thus he replied: "But my guide stated that dagon is the first big item i should get."
    I therefore tried to find out which guide he chose: "It was the first guide in the list."

    Quickly, i ran towards this forum to discuss this matter.

    What happens is: A newbie creates a guide, other newbies try it, it works on their skilllevel thus voting the guide up.

    I saw a guide with a drow ranger without Manta nor Lifesteal nor Lothars Edge. I tried not to flame him and did constructive crticism. The guide is a bit better now,but still horrible, as he remained his old item choices (essentially full dps build without any lifesteal or survivability). He also wasn't too eager to delete his guide, so he remains out there to this point.

    This guide feature is not going too well.
    I have no real idea how to fix this problem as i know that a six year Dota 1 player can still write bad guides.

    A simple idea would be to only let people who have at least 500 wins create guides and rate them. I wouldn't know if it'd help the cause though.

    Your friendly neighborhood ranger

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    Why is everyone so fixxed on the win counts?? It does not mean anything if you have them. Guides are usually an introduction to play a certain hero differently. They are not there to tell new players how to play or when to apply what guide. Since in most games you need to apply the information you got during the current game and accomodate it to your build. In most games it is useless to build a ghost szepter on faceless void but sometimes it is freaking important that he rushes it.


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      I agree that there are some terrible upvoted guides on the system (and also some good ones). The bad builds don't annoy me as much as the guides that have no comments on items or builds, so there's no reasoning behind it. I don't know why those get upvoted.

      If a guide doesn't have good commentry then it shouldn't pass a certain threshhold.

      You kind of contradict yourself within two lines, though:

      I have no real idea how to fix this problem as i know that a six year Dota 1 player can still write bad guides.

      A simple idea would be to only let people who have at least 500 wins create guides and rate them. I wouldn't know if it'd help the cause though.
      Like you said, experience does not have any relation to player skill or ability to write guides/teach others. Most dota players get by with terrible builds that they never deviate from. Number of wins means nothing, in fact people who are new to the game are arguably more likely to experiment until they find a good build whereas 500 win players might be stuck in their ways.
      "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."
      Io, the Guardian Wisp


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        Valve guides are the worst, they tell you to build vanguard and ring of aquila on every hero (both are terrible items)

        And then ofc you have a spectre at 40 min with only vanguard and phase boots