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Matchmaking, its flaws and why it is broken.

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  • Matchmaking, its flaws and why it is broken.

    since everyone flames but doesnt understand whats going on with the mm system, im gonna try to explain why the hell its not working, at all.

    Basicly what the matchmaking system does is, finding 5 players and put them to 2 teams, whereas the avg. points of the teams have about the same value. Which is the biggest shit ever. This system works in other games, but not in dota. If you play a FPS and 1 of your team which has very high skill will be able to carry the worse players to victory, since he has to play against avg. players. So he might end up having like 30:3 stats or something, his gameplay will hardly be limited by the bad players.
    This does NOT work in dota, bcause in dota we are affected by our teammates. When a teammate is not warding, autoattacking, taking cs and so on, it does cripple the better player alot. And bcause of this shitty matchmaking i end up playing against avg players with noobs. I litterally have to play with people who dont understand why they shouldnt autoattack, why certain items do not work on certain heroes and so on, litterally noobs.
    The enemyteam does not understand advanced stuff but they got at least basics. The match usually ends with the better player flaming his mates bcause they cripple him so hard and ruin the game, whereas the enemyteam just roll on his face.

    The current matchmaking does force better players to play with noobs, and both sides are complaining. As you can see in these threads, not only good players are complaining but also noobs, i saw a couple of threads where newbies where sad bcause better players just flamed them and told them stuff they didnt understand.

    The main problem is, that Valve apparently doesnt have any programers who understand the concept of dota, which makes things worse. I really hope valve will finally fix this shit, bcause to be honest, people are leaving and are getting more and more frustraited than ever because of shit core system which doesnt work at all.