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"Wins and level are now hidden for players that aren't friends"

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  • #16
    I applaud Valve for improving our privacy. The ability to see other people's wins should never have been in the game in the first place. Thanks, guys!
    Last edited by Commoble; 07-26-2013, 05:31 PM.
    Originally posted by ChrisC
    - Fixed Bloodseeker getting slowed down by haste


    • #17
      Thanks Volvo now I just assume everyone is Dendi with 2000 wins.


      • #18
        Yeah we shouldn't be able to talk to anyone too. WHY HAVEN'T THEY REMOVED THAT FEATU.. ->New Meta ->Well Played


        • #19
          If this is valve's solution to the issue I think I am going to leave.
          The night before last I played a game where all the players combined on each team respectively did not equal my wins, not trying to gloat by any means. I do understand that wins do not always equal skill, but majority of the time, a vast majority of the time, they do.
          The highest recorded wins on my team was 79 and I am on 650ish, I was razor with maxed out static link (which i had used), their team ran at me one by one to the point of being 7/0 at 6 minutes, at which point they rage quit and the game was over. They all complained about how bad the mmr was, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE CASUALS. I don't think having a broken mmr or lack of HELPS THE CASUALS at all.
          This is a regular occurrence, completely one sided games, that over over within the first 15-20 minutes and at which point the enemy team dicks around for another half an hour, Roshing, farming, pushing all three raxes etc.
          I think I've had enough, I was patient when it had beta slapped on it's name but I feel as though I have waited long enough and my 1300 hours clocked in to dota will not continue to grow.

          thanks for killing an excellent game Valve.


          • #20
            Tried their new MM, me with 847 wins , had a 30 wins person in team...YEAH, NO THANKS.

            I am done.


            • #21
              GG is fixed , now the quality of my game have been improved


              • #22
                Originally posted by ConkerBFD View Post
                The MM is fixed.

                - Valve.
                Still visible on some players.

                Possibly only on players that don't have shared history.
                To avoid LPQ:

                Don't draw attention to yourself
                Don't use voice or chat except for 'ss'
                Mute all at lvl 1
                Only play in parties
                Get alternate accounts
                Limit your usage to one or two games per day per account
                Don't play too well
                Don't play on Sunday or Monday
                Wait until the developers reset LPQ status

                If you're getting matched with trolls or feeders:

                You may have been placed in a hidden pool. There is no known way out of this, apart from moving to a different account.


                • #23
                  You know valve, I can still easily tell if you're match making teams me up with someone inexperienced... If they pick a carry when my entire team is full of carries already and they go like 0-23, I'm still going to get mad and complain and if it happens often enough, I will make unfortunately snap and mouth of to them. Still not gonna change the fact that match making is somewhat busted.


                  • #24
                    Doesn't matter one bit, if you play without a stack you are willingly torturing yourself anyway.


                    • #25
                      Originally posted by Neon View Post
                      Doesn't matter one bit, if you play without a stack you are willingly torturing yourself anyway.

                      Better to play with newbie friends and know that they are newbs than to play with people who you have no fucking clue what their skill is.