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Can't play solo games anymore.

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  • #16
    Originally posted by cuuri View Post
    Having broken matchmaking in a game with its core based around matchmaking is a lovely way to go into its biggest promotional event of the year. Expect great reviews.
    True. Funny thing is there are people defending it. Either they have absolutely zero knowledge about advanced game mechanics or they are trolls hired by valve to haunt the forums too.


    • #17
      I agree with OP 100%. I've played dota2 beta since feb 2012 and matchmaking has always been poor. This recent change of the matchmaking system only results in 2 things:

      1. Faster game times by a considerable margin.
      2. Hugely imbalanced games, where players with thousands of wins are matched with players that literally got the game in the past few days.

      Many MANY people ingame have noticed this. I don't think that it's worth ruining the quality of game for longtime players just so that new players can get into games instantly. If you're going to invest a half an hour to an hour of your life into a dota 2 game anyways, I think it is acceptable to wait 5 minutes for a quality match.

      I made an account just to post this.


      • #18
        Originally posted by Alcorr View Post
        2. Hugely imbalanced games, where players with thousands of wins are matched with players that literally got the game in the past few days.
        As i previously stated it was bad enough now it is just frustrating. It's like Valve is doing everything they can to destroy the game. The only logical explanation is that they want a community consisted of 90% noobs and 10% pro players. They are kicking the middle ground player out. Even saddest is the fact that some continue to support the MM and think that we bitch and moan cause we are "pro" and when we lose it's always someone else's fault. I get even more frustrated when I win like that. What's the fun into winning against someone that can't even put up a fight? It's a waste of time.