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Can someone explain why this match was allowed to happen?

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    Oh jesus. That was a really bad game

    Ok, to start off, the radiant's picks are.. Absolutely terrible. They have basically no good source of sustained damage in a teamfight, outside of OD's arcane orbs. What your lineup does have is a decent amount of pushing/zoning potential between SS, Veno, and Brew, the 'farming' Abaddon contributes very little to the lineup, Dire's lineup isn't much better, but it has a lot more CC, a lot more sustained damage, and better laning ability

    Due to the radiant's.. Really terrible lineup, they go into STANDARD PUB dual lanes, putting a high experience need hero in Brewmaster up top, against a pretty hard to kill lane of Dazzle/Ursa. You and Brew make a really really aggressive play to get first blood.. But all you manage to do is kill the Dazzle and feed two kills directly to ursa, meaning he's way above you in levels and gold, from that point the lane is basically lost

    Bot lane was a mess, they had a great lane for agression at around, level 2, Veno and Abaddon should have been able to easily slaughter either invoker or Sven at that point, since both are VERY weak a low levels, they fail to take advantage of this, and once Invoker get a few levels under their belt, the lane turns COMPLETELY against them as they get outscaled

    OD is actually having a really great game up to this point, he's crushing pudge mid easily, then he also gets over aggressive over and over again, and dies a lot, his item build is also terrible, who goes force staff on OD these days? Its all about the mekansm.

    So your team loses basically every lane, either by throwing away their advantages, or simply being overaggressive, your team still has a chance to win with some really strong timing pushes, get map control and farm under your belt, and take the game that way. oh wait. Your team gets over aggressive, and is fighting the other team DEEP in their jungle, past the enemy's teir 2's deep, and is punished for it twice. The game basically snowballs from there, with your team far prioritizing kills over farm, bad item choices from all of you (veno goes for a semi-carry build, you don't buy a single ward the whole game, and spend money on a BKB instead of something that your team needs, like a mekansm, or a force staff to save people, or a blink for positioning. Courier is on the ground for the first 23 minutes, Panda goes for phases, never buys up a blink to initiate and start fights with, so your team is always initiated on, and never gets a chance to get the jump on the other team.) Veno actually did pretty good, he warded, he was the only one to buy sentries, he had decent gales, he was FAR more influential than your OD. You weren't that effective in your ult placement either, using it to push towers would have been far more effective

    You didn't lose because you guys were outclassed in skill, invoker despite having the most hours, was one of the weaker members of the team, where as the other team's 287 ursa had HUGE impact on the game because he got a lot of farm, made a lot of moves, and your team did very little to shut him down.