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Will Valve be the next EA? Ignoring problems and alienating players.

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  • Will Valve be the next EA? Ignoring problems and alienating players.

    All of us know Valve is one of the most successful and widely loved game producers in the world, at least it was. When hearing that Valve started making Dota 2, millions of players were so excited that they could hardly sleep. But now, many players are also hard to sleep, because they are hesitating over whether to delete Dota 2 or not. So why does it happen? Because Valve insists its own way instead of listening to the requests from players. And what's the most important, the problems are still there.

    Let's check the updates made this year.

    April 19th, 2013
    - Added stricter system implementing communication (voice and text) bans for abusive players
    - Combined voice and text reports into a single 'communication' report
    - Reduced reports per week to 4

    Here comes the most controversial mute system! Instead of a black list (ban list), Valve gave players a chance to gag the abusive players. This mute system was once very popular with newcomers, they could never hear any one abusing them or whining. And Valve even posted a report called "Dota 2 works to rehabilitate abusive players, sees drop in overall abuse reports". They believe this system is very effective to reduce the number of abusive players, as the report said, "Since the ban system has been implemented, there has been a 35% drop in negative communication interactions". Is it true? Why do I still see abusive words and whining all over the screen, especially in a losing match. Has the rate dropped? From 100% to 95%? A 35% drop is totally a joke!

    Face the truth please! This mute system is useless! There may be a drop of reports on negative communication, but it is most likely that players are tired of reporting the abusive. You can report one abusive player, but he may hardly play with you next time. You just have to endure another one or maybe four abusing you in another losing match. Report all of these four? Do you have enough report submission?

    Dota is a competitive and cooperative game. No one wants to lose, you can never stop players whining or even abusing others. This even happens in pro teams. On the contrary, a team needs a leader and more suggestions, especially when it's suffering a disadvantage. But in this situation, less and less players are willing to say something more, just because this mute system.

    And only 4 reports per week can't help you solve any problem. For example, I play 5~10 matches a day, and there will always be some one leaving intentionally 2~3 out of 10. So I just can't report the rest over 4. It just likes you are beaten for no reason, but you can't say a word!

    Dota 2 Update - June 14th, 2013
    - Players receive an additional report submission if someone they report subsequently receives a communication ban

    All I reported left intentionally, then where's my additional report submission? Just because one won't leave twice a day or won't be reported twice a day, he can ruin a game for no reason?!

    I would say, Valve, you don't allow surrender system, it's OK. But you even don't increase the damage of the fountains, which makes the losing team nowhere to stay. You make these leavers, but you are irresponsible for them. And in the same way, you are irresponsible for the other players.

    Dota 2 Update - July 26th, 2013
    - Wins and level are now hidden for players that aren't friends and don't have 'Share Match History' in the options enabled

    Needless to say, Dota 2's matchmaking system really disappoints players. Although more and more players desire to see Matchmaking Ratio, Valve decides to give players the option to hide their wins and level to strangers, instead of opening players' MMR. This is definitely escapism! Just because players are not satisfied with the current matchmaking system, Valve chooses to blind everyone!

    Valve, all I can feel now is you are big boss, just like today's EA. You make rules, suppress opponents and ignore problems. What you tell me is the game is yours, play it or delete it. You may make yourself maverick, but you are still a pathetic dictator.
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    ... Hyperbole, the thread.


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      Originally posted by Shaella View Post
      ... Hyperbole, the thread.
      You can say my feeling is hyperbolic, but the truth is not.


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        Originally posted by lordgiraffe View Post
        You can say my feeling is hyperbolic, but the truth is not.
        Valve is so unlike EA and Acti-blizz and Riot its ridiculous. Like.. This thread is.. So fucking off base its amazing. Even if I disliked Valve this is rediculous


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          Originally posted by Shaella View Post
          Valve is so unlike EA and Acti-blizz and Riot its ridiculous. Like.. This thread is.. So fucking off base its amazing. Even if I disliked Valve this is rediculous
          There's nothing ridiculous. Ban list is much more useful than this mute system, many dota 1 platforms use it. And the matchmaking system of SC II is really more satisfactory. And reducing the number of report is just because the staff are too lazy to find a way to distinguish which report is true and which is abused.

          Valve just wants to make itself different, nothing more.
          Last edited by lordgiraffe; 07-29-2013, 12:03 AM.


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            they be doing weird stuff lately but not even at 1% of how bad/shitty/greedy EA is
            Originally posted by MukenTuken
            got muted on main
            made new account
            played with 9 other smurfs who wanted to stomp some noobs, just like i wanted

            So now you cant even stomp some poor newcommers when you are bored

            ded game


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              Give Valve the credit of being better (this case the exception) game developers. EA is more or less a bunch of blank slates in suits.


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                Originally posted by HaiHai View Post
                they be doing weird stuff lately but not even at 1% of how bad/shitty/greedy EA is
                I also don't hope Valve turns to be another EA. But they really disappoint me. Maybe they just don't care.


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                  white knights and trolls incoming


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                    What do you mean "will be". It has happened already.