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Australian Servers, No Australian Players

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  • #16
    I'm NZ and only play on the Aus server. I tried playing on the US, but the ping makes it a little bit of an issue. I hate to play the race card, I really do, but I much prefer playing with english speaking Australians and Kiwis. I don't mind people from SEA if they speak english ok, but sometimes their attitudes are a bit shit, or they speak their gobbldy-gook in chat, pisses me off... but all in all, not too bad.

    Russians literally make me want to conceive a time travel device and go back to like 1965 America fire off a nuke. Seriously, Russians put me into a genocidal rampage kind of mood. On an Aus server. Speaking Russian. South Americans are half a step behind them. I feel like they're both cancer, spreading through the DOTA body, trying to infect the healthy parts... and need to be contained.
    We are Legion.


    • #17
      Just ping people in console during loadscreen. If someone is loaded and they are pinging too high, disconnect and requeue. It's so much easier to requeue now anyway since they are much shorter.


      • #18
        Continuously getting people from other Countries on my team and the other team, Ruining the games.. (bump)


        • #19
          Last night I queued with 1 friend. The 3 others that were on our team were speaking a different language and had over 300 ping when I checked with console...


          • #20
            So far on about 1.3k Australia server games I have faced this issue one time. And that was when I forgot to set language preferences. Maybe I just have amazing luck, but make sure u set the preference.
            Originally posted by gjvolvo
            Your hidden pool is when you get above 51.5% wins in ranked. Get a pen and paper and write down your win percentage and the average win percentage of your teammates in every game and you will see a distinct cliff around 51.5.

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            • #21
              Listen, here's the deal dude.

              This is kind of my office you're stepping into, as i'm the best in the country.

              Firstly, we are lucky to even have an AUS server. Why? Our population is 24 million...thats TINY!

              Secondly, in general, the AUS skill pool across all players is very low. Most people in our country and SEA suck.

              On top of that, depends on what time of day you queue.