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Who wants play like that?

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    best game ever.


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      No that's just stupid because # of carries and supports change in pro games, it's neve THIS many carries or THIS many supports or ALWAYS have one jungler, otherwise it would be LoL you're looking for


      • #33
        this mode would have 40 mins queue because 95% of the players would choose queue as carry.


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          Originally posted by metallixro View Post
          this mode would have 40 mins queue because 95% of the players would choose queue as carry.
          More like they would select every role for quicker queues.


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            Originally posted by Sharkbitch View Post
            More like they would select every role for quicker queues.
            ur right.

            all EU kids asking about Valve to do something magic. but they dont realize that it cant be done.
            they are believe in Valve like in God.
            in that situation God will do some level up for them brains. but Valve are not God.

            and dont post answer like u know everbody on dota2 community.
            its likely that not only me wants to play like this.
            i hope.
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            • #36
              You are stuck to a single strat this way.
              How in the world could you ever do a decent tri-core setup?
              “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”


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                its time to recall this idea! Valve done this but u must pay for International 2018 to use it.
                but i have 1 question. how much pool of "ranked role" match is pooled?
                Last edited by russia_nekto; 06-17-2018, 01:26 AM.
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                  what? nobody in Ranked Role matches?
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                    Originally posted by Timelimit View Post
                    It wouldn't teach them about roles, it'd just tell them "do this because you have no choice". That's not teaching, that's forcing.
                    It is teaching the players about the roles in a team. You missed "team composition" feature during hero selection time already. The true logic or most stable composition in a Dota 2 team is 1 mid lane player, 1 safe lane (carry), 2 supports, and 1 off-lane (semi, roamer, carry, tanker, etc). The developer know how many mid heroes, supports heroes, safe lane heroes, and off-lane heroes could form a good and balance team composition. If a team goes with only 1 support, 2 durable, 1 mid, and 1 safe lane heroes, the team composition might be imbalance or bad.
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