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Who wants play like that?

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  • Who wants play like that?

    Today I load Dota Two.
    For now my mood is support.
    I go to Find Role Match.

    Interface shows me pickup scheme for that Role Match = Lane Support ; Carry ; Ganker ; Pusher; Durable;
    I pickup my role = Lane Support .

    I click Find and wait some time.
    Dota2 says your game found.
    I see heroes grid where i can choose and they are only Lane Support Role heroes.
    I choose some one and click Play.

    One day i search a game with role=Disabler and Dota2 suggest me pick up Carry and play immediatly or wait more time to find suitable game. I click "Change Role to Carry and Play".

    Everytime i enter the game my team has nice role pick up. I impressed. I like it! Its wonderful to know that Find Role Match teaches players to do right pickups, to learn about roles.
    While playing Role Matches i never go back to Find Match where i can meet 3 carry and 2 supports VS 4 supports and 1 Durable.

    We are players who wants play in another way. Our quantity is enough to get search time in "Find Role Match" about 5 -10 minutes.
    We are not a Team. We are solo players , some times us two or three.
    We have no time to do training in Team.
    We are who enter to DOta2 and wants to play one ore two games.

    Nice? Ranked Role

  • #2
    I like this idea


    • #3
      this forces a particular meta in the game.

      I wish it would work but it would just make every game more similar and boring.

      My favorite games are when we pick a shit team comp and still end up winning by outplaying them. This would never happen with this mode.


      • #4
        Calculated, unsophisticated, optimised Dota.

        How boring


        • #5
          Well duh better play with 4 random braindead monkeys that all pick carry and proceed feeding 24/7. After that you just sit there like a duck for 30 minutes and for the stomp to end.


          • #6
            problem 1: fixed number of carry/support/etc in a team
            problem 2: overwhelming on certain role (mostly carry by noobs i think)
            problem 3: Gabe "Hurr Durr where is my money?"


            • #7
              i think that problem 3 is the most important


              • #8
                problem 1 & 2 are fantasy.
                problem 3 have no correlation with this game mode.
                its not boring game mode.
                its good luck have fun mode.

                one player cant always play one role. its boring for any player.
                that is why Role Mode are not boring.
                Player always cycles his preffered role.
                just think about that.
                noboby plays like a robot. remember it.
                Last edited by russia_nekto; 08-02-2013, 01:57 PM.
       Ranked Role


                • #9
                  It's just pubs, pros who want to innovate can do so, but pubs are composed of retards and therefore need structure (cfr LoL and its fixed roles).


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Snarfindorf View Post
                    Calculated, unsophisticated, optimised Dota.

                    How boring

                    Originally posted by russia_nekto View Post
                    Find Role Match teaches players to do right pickups, to learn about roles.
                    It wouldn't teach them about roles, it'd just tell them "do this because you have no choice". That's not teaching, that's forcing.
                    Last edited by Timelimit; 08-02-2013, 02:29 PM.


                    • #11
                      mate, i really enjoyed your story.but in the end it just a story. i also don't think that would be boring, but yes match find times will go up dramatically and single role CERTAINLY WILL overwhelmed. i can ensure you. %50 joke %50 real : where is gabe's profit on that story?


                      • #12
                        i dont actually want to play like that, even if you are very unlucky and get 4 carrypicks after you picked riki already, there is still a chance to win, there is still always that one strategy for victory and those games are often really interesting, trying out new stuff that isn´t copied from dendi.

                        fixed roles would make dota 2 like LoL with only 1 setup in every game.


                        • #13
                          any hero can play any role


                          • #14
                            Smart play and laning can make almost any team composition viable.

                            On the other hand, almost all pub players are not capable of making good laning decisions. When was the last time you saw a dual mid lane in a pub game?
                            The stupidity never ends:
                            Originally posted by Vasilev
                            Still the MM would be considered broken, cuz you shjouldn't be "outplayed". The match should be as balanced as possible.


                            • #15
                              OK I have seen this like post somewhere like basicly the same idea, and I still dont agree. It's bad idea.

                              Smart play and laning can make almost any team composition viable.
                              Darkai is right on that, and I argued in the other parts you jsut have to be considerate. If you don't like playing with other people and you dont think anyone is considerate. You don't trust anyone in pubs. THEN que up with friends, or people you find that you think are good. Like this I hope never happens. This suggestion (which i've seen twice to day) is jsut a terrible idea, it makes everything so wierd.

                              That's just how Dota is. Taken in a vacuum, everything seems broken. But together, the game balances itself through a symphony of imbalance – resulting in a game that never fails to dazzle. - Cameron Gilbert / Jun 4, 2013
                              Lets not take this dazzling game and turn it into so math ridden sickness that people play. I swear if this is ever implemented, I will buy the old W3 games on battle net and I will download dota and play old school dota. If people don't have the time to research dota2/dota and like read and jsut figure out a little bit about the game then don't play. If you want it to be that easy go play something else. Please.