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How are players like this still not banned?

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  • #31
    Everyone has to deal with this kind of shit. Grow a thicker skin and deal with it on your own instead of pestering other people to solve your issues.
    You can avoid the mute system by playing on multiple accounts simultaneously. If you play on more than one account at a time, it will let your reports decay and the "algorithm" will disregard the reports made against you, which are likely baseless anyway. Do not play more than 2 games per day on any one account and the chances of you being muted will decrease drastically. Use as many accounts as is necessary, but do not exceed 2 games.


    • #32
      Originally posted by Enai Siaion View Post
      If there was a ladder, then banning accounts so people have to rank up all over again would send a clear message. But there is no ladder because it would "increase toxic behaviour". So no, bans won't do anything. You see, there is much less toxic behaviour now because you can't punish anyone. Don't question Valve logic.
      That could work.


      • #33
        I've got a dickbag of my own.

        Feeds top with his premade buddy, complains and trolls me all game, uses IO to purposely feed me to other team. Then steals all my TP's from the courier, and teleports me off the map.

        You can't tell me this is the first time he's done this, since seemingly nothing but his own shit play set him off. Match ID 272390545


        • #34
          Computer ID ban. I think a game called second life did it, where it banned a hardware key that came with your computer and you needed to use a modified client to get around it that was eventually made impossible to use.


          • #35
            Yeah lets remove their items... Like they cant just send their items to other account before they start to "troll" around in that case.


            • #36
              Originally posted by samai View Post
              So following the basic logic in this thread, most people prone to this behaviour will create smurf accounts, still ruin games and what? Will Valve play whack-a-mole with these people banning 1 smurf only to have another one pop up? Doesn't sound workable.
              I think that this is true but banning accounts will deter a lot of people. Creating new accounts is not fun. It's boring considering you have to make a new steam account (possible an email) and go through the tutorial, especially if your steam account has all of your games on it you will have to log into another account just to troll dota. After two or three accounts banned a lot of people will get bored.
              A solution for all (including devs): ranked solo queue without visible mmr (instead brackets).


              • #37
                Very good option would be having "I dont want to play with this player again" next to commend and report option. its doable, i guess, and not so complicated. that would sort lots of things - as more he does stuff like that, more people would put him on that list, harder would he get to find games.


                • #38
                  LMAO.. that is part of the game. like socializing you dont know what people you may encounter. so just move on. have fun play another game. ive encounter more than that in dota 1. and there is no report method there. lol.


                  • #39
                    then obviously you dont know. in dota 1, you could install war3 banlist and ban players and when they joined (your) game a)actually they would be kicked out of created game or b) you would be notified if somone else created so you could tell to the creator

                    HAH, so ill give you analogy to your socializing one - its like you meet new people that you first encounter ha??? so if you knew someone is serial killer (serial feeder) and he wants to socialize with you (play with you) you wouldn't like him to be in jail instead (banned from game) ???


                    • #40
                      Just had a DS with 1.2k games played feed cours and gems as well as himself to the enemy team. Too bad he'll get away with it because everyone in the game already used their reports on similar people.