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Inconsistency with player skill

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  • Inconsistency with player skill

    Seems to be happening a lot more frequently now, but the skill difference between players on my team from game to game is very very noticeable. Some games I'll have very cooperative, friendly and just generally quite skilled players on my team and likewise skilled on the opposite side. Others, I have the most incompetent bunch of idiots dota has ever seen.

    Now by no means do I consider myself a 'pro' player, but I'm a little better than average. It's just so frustrating that all my games is just pot luck whether my allies know what they are doing or they have the IQ of a doughnut.

    Just played a game where we had a mid bristleback who refused to leave, a dusa farming ancients and a lich solo lane (which he also refused to leave) who fed 4 kills early and flamed us the entire game. But on the flip side, just stomped a game before that with supports rotating and a very competent mid who carried us to a 24 minute win.

    It just seems like MM right now is stomp or be stomped. Has there been a change to the MM system recently?

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    post it here:
    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


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      the issue is that this game has 100+ something heros, and not everyone can be successful with what they're playing.

      Say someone plays the solo mid role well, and then suddenly they decide to try something new and pick faceless void or something. They'll probably suck. There's a huge difference between all the heros, and while someone might be able to succeed in one way such they are rated highly in the system, they might not even know the basics of other roles.
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        while someone might be able to succeed in one way such they are rated highly in the system, they might not even know the basics of other roles.
        Wrong. No one "might be able to succeed in one way" while "they might not even know the basics of other roles".



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          and what's your basis for that?