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  • OP was owned.


    • @The Fallen,

      I assuming that this isn't the first time you've been muted, that you were probably more abusive then you let on and that you fully deserve this amount of ban.
      It shouldn't have to be up to people to mute you, you should just not be a dick!
      And while you say he was a bad Furion and "threw the game for you", I'm sure a lot of us would say the same about your play.......

      My advice:
      Take 6 days off, during those 6 days think about how you could be a better team mate, how you could be more useful to lesser players who may not know the things you know, and how you could improve your own game.
      Then, play the game muted for a couple months, it may seem hard now but you can actually communicate quite well without the need for your own voice! And if you play with friends you can just use a 3rd party VoIP program.

      I say this from my own experience, while I was only muted for 2 weeks. I was pretty angry about it at first and considered quitting DotA in spite. But my offence was different, I was to the solo grouped up with a 4 stack and when they all failed they started shit talking me, and all reported me! Anyway, the point is that I actually learned quite a bit from being muted and changed my outlook toward other players immensely. Now if someone does something wrong, I don't yell vulgarities at them, I say things like "You shouldn't of done that because ..... next time try this ....." you'll find most people are receptive of your constructive criticism because they didn't know what you know! A few will still be defensive and become abusive but that is 'your' chance to mute and report them!

      The point I'm trying to make is that DotA is supposed to be fun! You are not the best player in the world! Nor are you the worst! So don't waste your energy being angry and mean, be helpful and nice and you will have way more fun!


      • Originally posted by DotZe View Post
        Pls cite sources claiming that this is the vast majority of players. And the royal WE I used here refers to competitive gamers. There are literally thousands of games, this one is one of the last for true competitors. For you to come in here and try to take it away from me is like the government trying to strip me of my arms. You can take it from my cold dead fingers.
        What part of the constitution grants you the right to play Dota 2?

        Moreover, by creating a Steam account you agreed to this, which explicitly states that you will not "...defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others." By doing so, you're subject to pretty much any bans Valve wants to throw your way. Compared to what most other companies do, especially in "competitive games," a communication ban is a slap on the wrist.

        Being muted isn't in any way comparable to being stripped of firearms, but feel free to continue being such a drama queen about it - it's entertaining, to say the least!


        • OP is a faggot and got what he deserved


          • Originally posted by FoxCharge View Post
            What part of the constitution grants you the right to play Dota 2?
            Muh freedoms, OP is a terrorist amirite?
            Got banned for a month for insulting a brony.. totally worth it.


            • After looking through this kids match history and his posts in this thread.

              Can we just permaban him?


              • Holy heck, the ignorance in this thread is thick, particularly coming from the side defending the OP. I'll be closing this as it's going nowhere and serves no purpose whatsoever.

                @OP: You acted like as asshole, and you got punished for it. Saying 'I didn't know he was a Valve employee' won't help you, because 'I didn't know' has never been a valid defense in any way, shape, or form. Insulting a cop will get a higher punishment than insulting a random pedestrian, same deal here.
                Last edited by Hefaistus; 08-17-2013, 01:27 PM.
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                Lore moderator.