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Sick of Russians ruining my games, please add option to ignore players on GeoIP base!

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  • ludesign
    Originally posted by sashagrey View Post
    yo ! Umad ? Russian Doto = Best Doto !
    Don't know about Russian dotka but Sasha Grey is good at other things

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  • sashagrey
    yo ! Umad ? Russian Doto = Best Doto !

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  • ludesign
    Originally posted by Knavt View Post
    Again 1 retard cry that he is PRO.
    U have 200 games = priority for noobs and retards
    Yeah Yeah - I said I am a pro... where? I see u're from Russia and as I mentioned in my POST not all Russians are bad players, I intentionally left part of my friends list visible so one can see I have Russian friends and I am playing with them and they are good and never have abandoned a game so far or refused to play. But the fact is that many if not most Russians do shit the game and I gave an example and requested a feature to be available in MM. Having 200 games in Dota 2 does not mean I haven't played DotA before

    I just want to play normal games, it does not meter if I am going to lose or win the game but I want to play with a TEAM and the WHOLE team to play the game until the end (well of course if network goes down or power goes down... it happens) but not to leave the game intentionally. Got my point?

    I can say the same for South American players, most of them act the same way.

    By the way I agree with your SIGNATURE!

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  • Knavt
    Again 1 retard cry that he is PRO.
    U have 200 games = priority for noobs and retards

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  • Sick of Russians ruining my games, please add option to ignore players on GeoIP base!

    I am playing on almost all servers, trying to avoid Russians. Most of them (I really mean most of them, as I have Russian friends and they are good players) are just fucking other player games. They refuses to speak English (yes I can understand, english is not native language to many dota 2 players, can't blame someone for not speaking english) so OK as I know little Russian I have tried many times to talk to them in either English or Russian but they still refuse to collaborate, most of them starts screaming (using the MIC) "nooooo you are a fucking n000b, I am pro", "dieee n000b" "сука, бляд..." and so on. I have language filter set to English and we all know this does not help at all. I am playing on different servers during the night, starting around 10pm on east europe, moving to west europe and USA, I can do few good games during the night as most Russians are not awake haha helps a bit but at the morning hours the things get fucking screwed, Russians are all over the servers, all servers, leaving games in mid after few kills, screaming in the mic, refusing to play, waiting in team fight for u to die and then call u a "n00b" and so on.

    So let me summarize it all in few simple words: "Valve, please, add GeoIP filter in your MatchMaking system. I would love to be able to isolate Russian players from my games and GeoIP is the most easiest way of doing it."

    I know this is not going to happen but I still would vote for it.

    Let me guys know how u deal with such players, thanks in advance.

    p.s. No offense to all Russian players who are behaving as normal people!

    Here you can see 3 of them (two Russians and Bounty is from Ukraine) leaved the game and the result was clear...

    Here you can see my last 11 games, two are loses, first one got a guy from Saint Petersburg who leaved the game at minute one... and the second game... just look at the previous attachment.

    p.s. I'm from Bulgaria that's why my Dota 2 interface is in Bulgarian language

    Oh I feel better now