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Matchmaking is seriously broken or something.

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  • Matchmaking is seriously broken or something.

    Pls read whole post and check out the game ID's on dotabuff or whatever.

    My friend and I mostly only dual queue. For some awful reason, the majority of our games are against 5 stacks or 4 stacks of guys who only 5 stack, so have like 80% winrates. Which is fine, whatever. At least, it would be fine except for the allies we get. It's literally unbelievable. Like, I am watching the game and thinking 'is this really happening?'.

    Check this game out 280498230 . If you don't know the radiant, they're NADota players, in a group of like at least 4, and they're pretty good. Most have ~60% winrates with lots of games

    Pudge, until he started hiding in fountain, had more deaths than there were minutes of game time. Axe went mid with 6 salves and just dove tower endlessly, letting chen get beyond godlike in like 8 minutes. I am considering the possibility that they were friends or something, but whatever. It's not like that's the only time this happens, look at this game (THE VERY NEXT GAME) - 280518662 - The skeleton king went offlane, didnt learn stun, tanked creeps until he died, and just repeated. He talked in all chat so he wasn't a bot (???) or something. It's not like we're in low priority, look at our games just an hour or two before, - 280315894 , 280400632 . I'm not trying to show off, these are just the examples of games I played today vs pro players. We're in the highest bracket (I think?) and yet get allies like that pudge and axe and enemies like that skeleton king? Whatever the hell is going on, the matchmaking is clearly broken, and from what I can tell, lots of people have noticed. I could go hide in ixdl but like should I really have to? can you please at least TRY to fix matchmaking?

    You can say they were trolling, but how could they get in our bracket throwing every game like that? I get put in front-page games with someone who doesn't know invoker's spells and goes 0-5 mid in 8 minutes. It's just insane.

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    Although it was better before the MM patch... this is an issue that I don't think can be fixed easily. Some people can just outright suck in certain roles, but be good enough in others.

    One possible fix would be to have a ranked mode where you pre-pick your role and get to choose from that limited pool of heroes. You would get a separate MM per role. It doesn't even matter if we can see the ranking or not (some kind of indicator of progress would be nice though)... but I think the games would be far more enjoyable. At the very least you would have a higher chance of more balanced team compositions.


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      I'm pretty sure pudge just fed because Axe went mid and decided to throw.

      To me this is the biggest plight of match making. People who don't play seriously in every game and I think this is a problem that match making will never be able to fix on it's own.

      IMO we need a ranked solo queue where you can be banned for repeatedly doing this kind of stuff (and a minimum number of games to prevent multi accounting).
      A solution for all (including devs): ranked solo queue without visible mmr (instead brackets).


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        It just seems as though it randomly takes extremely low tier players and places them in my games, or my friend's games, or just games I watch live. The pudge did kind of throw because axe was throwing, but this isn't the only time this has happened. Whatever the patch was, it really made mm a lot worse. Has valve addressed this or even made a comment? I mean how can I queue vs a dignitas stack, then the very next game get a complete beginner on my team? It just makes the game awful, and happens so frequently. And I could make a whole separate post about how for some reason, when single or duo-queueing, my friend and I have like maybe a 75-80% chance of being against well-known stacks, then having random solo queuers as teammates (who are often beginners)? If you look at the highest winrate players, it's people who only queue as 4 or more. Depending on your group size, you should be placed against similar group sizes, or like in LoL have normal, and ranked games or something. There's literally no downside to queueing as 5 and just stomping all the time, since you'll rarely get matched against people that can beat you.


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          noone cares, valve doesnt give a damn. MM is broken since 4ever and the only thing they did was make it even worse.

          Dont bother, if they try to do something it will be even worse, just play with stacks and be happy with it or go over to an other moba, the dream of a good mm system will never come true.