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    I just met some kind of new scamming technique, and I just want to warn you guys all about it I wasn't tricked because I realized it fast after a few second, but you guys should know about it. Here it is : some dude added me just a few seconds after I posted my trade with DC hook on dota2lounge. After I accept he immediately went offline (maybe trying to let me forget about him). About 10 mins later my friend (close friend) messaged me and invite me to his party. Everything went ok, but then he asked me to give him my DC hook. He said he wants to borrow it for a few games. But his language was very bad ( We are both from Vietnam, but his vietnamese is suck). I wondered myself for a while "WTF???" and then I look again at my friend list. Then I realized my friend is still offline WTF ???? you guys realized it too, eh ? The scammer will try to fake 1 of your offline friends, try to be friendly and ask for your items. He will change his avatar and name just the same as your friend to trick you. This kind of scam I think is a new one, so be careful guys, for your own safety here are some tips to help you identify the scammers: 1. He will try to speak your language in order to ensure his scam work, but his language will be pretty much bad because he use google translation of course, and google translation is suck so if you dont know what your friend is saying, check your friendlist again, simple ! 2. If your friend is asking you for your items, just check your friendlist (again) to make sure that it is him, and then do whatever you want, I dont care :rofl: 3. Well i think the 2 tips above is enough, but if you need to make sure then just check your friends profile, the scammer i met have a private profile lol XD thats it, if you guys have anything you want to say then comment here, ty, and BE CAREFUL PLS

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    Whoa. Whoa. Paragraphs. please.


    • #3
      not new, this has been done since TF2 days.

      Dont let anyone borrow your items ever. Even if they not going to steal there is a change they get banned or something and all items will be lost many things can happen.


      • #4
        I just added to all of my friends alternative name in case they change theirs someday to quickly realize that, so because even they don't know it this won't work for me.


        • #5
          Thanks for the heads up But, please, paragraphs...


          • #6
            I have a very quick solution for this. Plain and simple.

            If u add your friend (best friend, real life friend, trustable friend or whatever friend that u really trust) in your friendlist. just add a nickname for them. it is a function in steam friendlist for that. this way, if any of ur friend send u a message, u will see a nickname in bracket next to their online name.

            me bad english.


            • #7
              Use "add nickname" feature...or new tab all your "close" friends...

              one more way: when you want 3k for x item scammer put 3k and so many shit both press ready.scammer quickly swap key/keys with a shit item for a short time it wont showing...if you excited enough and pressing on "trade" fastly rapidly, trade happening......

              wait a little every time..take your time..dont fall for "fast trade go go go"


              • #8
                how could anyone fall for this?


                • #9
                  Why would anyone ever borrow worthy items? Totally beyond me.