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Why do I intentionally Feed..

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  • Why do I intentionally Feed..

    I found it fun to make accounts and feed intentionally as a protest to the mute system which has ruined many of my games. Many players are muted and they can not communicate with the team in order to initiate ganks or work with the team which ruins my game. in exchange, I decided to make accounts and auto feed. Laugh at people when they cry "REPORTED".

    I have had players on my team who did really well and they were muted, and we had a couple of guys who were total idiots but we could have won. The carry ended up destroying his items, and walked around in the jungle. I added him and asked why he did that, he said because iam muted and I am sick of not being able to communicate with others to setup a gank.

    thx valve for ruining a good game.

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      You'd think most people like yourself would be gone when primary school started again, but yet here you are.


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        if u manage to get muted even after the last update about muting then you probably deserve it.
        ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE


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          Originally posted by Inritus View Post
          You'd think most people like yourself would be gone when primary school started again, but yet here you are.
          some people completely avoid school by using "home education" you can see example in South Park "World of warcraft" episode,
          as Eric Cartman "educates" himself in front of a pc with his mom helping him.


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            don't like it, don't play it.

            From what you typed you probably deserved to get muted. Personnaly, i haven't been muted ONCE. NOT ONCE. I see people complain all the time but well, clearly you don't get muted without any reason.

            thread will prolly get closed/deleted anyways


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                it seems you actually deserve a mute


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                  Probably deserved a mute, and now definitely deserve a ban. More childish behavior from the community.


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                    Plz delete this asshole's account and ban his MAC address.

                    If you got muted you really deserved it. And you deserve a permaban too.


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                      Originally posted by KangarooCornchips View Post
                      Only logical answer that given to demanding threads listed below:

                      -I quit
                      -I feed
                      -Add Ladder now!
                      -Remove Report sys. now!
                      -Give me my immortal/mythical/item/hatz/effect
             you Gabe/Valve/Dev/<insert name here>


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                        If you feed intentionally you either get thrown in LPQ or you get matched with the worst players of the community (which includes the kind of people that also feed on purpose). So, you're basically ruining games for people just like you.


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                          Shut your and keep reading


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                            These people.......
                            I like to do stupid stuff even when i know it's stupid.


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                              Shits like you OP and Huskar deserve to be "fckd" in public and permaban on your steam accounts for 3,000 years just like some prisoners receives 2-5 lifetime sentences! He was dying once every minute and half! If u include penalty time (respawn count down) we end up at "once per minute or less", wtf!?