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Easy way to Fix Matchmaking Q

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  • Easy way to Fix Matchmaking Q

    so give people about 20 reports per week
    when you report someone they drop into a dislike location
    this location will only mean that your are less likely to be placed with them,
    And you will be grouped accordingly..
    it wont seem to do anything off the get go, but after a while
    you will only play with decent players

    and the algorithms for this are simple

  • #2
    This is not the way to fix it, you know how there is a mute function (in the scoreboard that you can mute someone). Well, just make it that you can't be matched with anyone you've muted I get matched with subhuman Russians (who do not speak English and queue for English servers) that I've muted every day, it's not fun, Dota 2 is a terrible game because of this.


    • #3
      Lets imagine VALVe implemented this.

      After a month each person has reported at least 50 players each.

      Lets assume that ppl are more or less equally distributed within servers. Normal online is ~100K ppl on 10 (?) servers, so 10K ppl on each that are more or less divided by MMR/skill into three groups that are unlikely to get matched, so there are ~3K ppl of your MMR. If MM will create a lobby (so u stick with other players that joined the queue) then u will have 2950 players for 1st, 2900 for 2nd and so on player for your game. We know that f.e. 20% of ppl of your MMR are either AFK or trading while u r searching for a game, so u have the pool of 2500 players total of which about 2000 are already playing their own game so your queue will take hours.

      gl hf


      • #4
        i didnt say you will not get into a game with them, you are just "Less Likely" to group with them
        and the risk/reward factor will keep people from abusing this...
        yes, i reported someone but now i have put someone into my lower pool so it might take me longer to get a game, eventually if i report too many people I will make the q's long for myself

        This can also be expanded into some sort of way to allow the people with many reports to get q'd with eachother


        • #5
          Even if u consider the risk/reward factor that will keep ppl from abusing it... lets say it will cut the reports I've counted in half... In 2 month we faced the situation we had in my previous post. Imagine what would happen if such system was there for lets say 2 years...



          • #6
            we have reached a new point of stupidity in this forum.


            • #7
              This is literally the worst of every system so far implemented mashed together, giftwrapped with the note "To Valve: Perfect solution".